Persona 3 Reload: How to farm Twilight Fragments & Locations

While it's a remake of an existing game, Persona 3 Reload does have a handful of all-new mechanics - chief among which are Twilight Fragments - a special resource that is used to unlock unique chests within Tartarus along with healing clocks that can be used to, well, er, heal up mid dungeon crawl. This guide is all about how to get Twilight Fragments, farm Twilight Fragments effectively, and as a bonus also runs down in full what they can be spent on.

Uses for Twilight Fragments in Persona 3 Reload

Twilight Fragments can be obtained in a number of ways throughout Persona 3 Reload, and as previously mentioned, they're a valuable resource used for healing up or opening special chests in Tartarus - both things that'll make your dungeon crawling a little more effective and efficient.

The basic uses are all tied to this - as each Twilight Fragment you obtain can be put towards opening certain chests within Tartarus (between 1 and 3 Twilight Fragments for each chest), and also activating the special Healing Clocks you'll come across every now and then which (for the cost of around 7 Twilight Fragments per clock) will give you a handy place to heal during those deeper Tartarus expeditions.

In addition, Twilight Fragments are tied to a few different instances of the Elizabeth's requests side quests - primarily quests that involve the above two actions that task you with opening a certain number of quests or activating a certain number of the healing clocks.

Twilight Fragments are a new resource found in Persona 3 Reload that can be used to activate devices and open special locked chests. These are the best ways to get some for yourself!

In addition, Twilight Fragments are used to gate access to The Great Clock. Once you reach floor 70 and the Yabbashah block of Tartarus, each time you use a fragment (such as opening a locked chest), there is a chance you will spawn a gate that leads to the Great Clock. This is a powerful new addition for Persona 3 Reload.

There's no EXP share mechanic in Persona 3 Reload, which inevitably means some party members will be left behind. The Great Clock aims to rectify that. After being unlocked by Twilight Fragments, The Great Clock can be used to boost your lower-level party members by giving them a considerable amount of EXP; this will help them to catch up. Because it's a random chance appearance each time you spend a Twilight Fragment, you'll want to make sure you take full advantage of this feature before moving to the next floor, as the gate will disappear.

How to farm Twilight Fragments in Persona 3 Reload

Twilight Fragments are a pretty much constant fixture throughout your adventure in Persona 3 Reload. Even if you're just playing the game casually, you should be getting a quite constant flow of these consumable items - but neaturally, some ways of getting hold of Twilight Fragments are better than others. Per our calculations, here are some of the best methods to get Twilight Fragments

Establishing & Improving Social Links

This is perhaps the easiest and fastest method to gain twilight fragments, and it's something you'll naturally be doing anyway as part of your progression through P3 Reload. Specifically, every time you establish or improve a social link, speaking with Elizabeth will reward you with some fragments as a reward. These can really stack up fast.

For help with leveling up links quickly and without wasting any precious in-game days, check out our full Persona 3 Reload Social Links guide

Completing Requests for Elizabeth

Relatively early on in Persona 3 Reload, you will unlock the ability to complete requests for Elizabeth. This is basically the Persona 3 Reload equivalent of side quests, just under a slightly different name.

Each of Elizabeth's Requests involve simple things like bringing her specific items, taking her out to explore places, fusing personas, and more. When you complete a request, she will present you with a reward; occasionally, there will be twilight fragments included in the reward bundle. 

Naturally, we have a full Elizabeth's Requests walkthrough guide, just in case any of the requests leave you stumped. This'll also help you to avoid missing any of the quest deadlines.

Smash the blue crystalized shadows within Tartarus

Scattered around inside Tartarus in P3 Reload are the crystalized remains of shadows. These breakable remains are easily found as they can often be seen clutching glowing orange objects - breaking them occasionally rewarding you with items

Sometimes, you will come across ones that are holding glowing blue objects instead - and breaking these will reward you with a single twilight fragment. The one-at-a-time nature means that this is by far from the fastest method to farm the fragments, but always make sure you keep your eyes open for these during your grind.

Scattered on the ground

Much like you can find the special shadow remains with twilight fragments within Tartarus, you can also occasionally find them outside of the giant tower as well. As you explore the various locations around Tatsumi Port Island, you may stumble across shiny blue twilight fragments lying on the ground, so be sure to make your rounds each day, checking out every different location for those elusive shinies!

Again, this isn't exactly the quickest, but it's a reliable way to get fragments regularly as the in-game calendar proceeds.