Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Photo Rally guide: where to find all the camera spots

There are lots of side activities to do in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth  and one of the new ones is the Photo Rally minigame. This is a fairly simple task, but nevertheless quite time consuming, as you'll be asked to take photos of distinct spots or objects of interest right across the world of Infinite Wealth - both in Hawaii and Japan. It can be hard to find everything - but this guide makes it a snip, with a complete list of Photo Rally locations to train your photography lens on. 

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations

If you complete all of the Photo Rally tasks in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, you'll get your hands on some useful equipment that'll provide an easy boost in your power, especially if you prioritize taking all the photos as early as you possibly can. 

Photo Rally unlocks in Chapter 5, just after your first visit at Alo-Happy Tours where you unlock the Job class system. As soon as you step out of Alo-Happy Tours, you'll get a brief segment introducing you to the side activity. You can access the Photo Rally photo hints through your Smartphone and selecting the Photo Rally app.

Who needs hints, though? Scroll down below to see all the exact spots you need to snap a photo of, or pick a selection at the following list to immediately jump down to it.

Hawaii - Little Japan Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 4-star Ephemeral Short Sword

Coconut Turtle on Housing Complex Wall

East of Tony’s Lemonade Stand, on west side of Makani Ave.

Streetside Window Display

Momo St., west side

Golden Food Truck

Jeff’s Taco Truck

Shave Ice Shop Painting

Inside Matsumoto Shave Ice store

Popular Bar and Hangout Spot

Revolve Bar Sign

Equipment Store Near Revolve

Right next to Revolve

On a Residential Mailbox

Just south of Revolve

This One Takes Confidence

This one is a little tricky to find. You need to unlock the Gambling Hall first, in which you'll need to pass a Confidence personality stat check when going up to the man in the indicated location in the gallery below. If you pass, you'll gain access to the Gambling Hall, in which you can find the indiciated Photo Rally spot.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Unlocking the Gambling Hall Location

On a Housing Wall

Southeast of the Shrine

The Ninja Up Where Ninja Sup

Inside Shinobi Sushi on the left

Inside the Shrine Building

Inside the Shrine

Samurai Window Display

Outside the Ganryuima Armory

Inside the Weapons Shop

Inside Ganyrujima Armory

Garden in a Shipping Container

Ahi Poke Garden food place

Street Corner Restaurant Sign

Pizza shop just east of Ahi Poke Garden, next to the Trolley Stop

Hawaii - Waikiki Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 3-star Surf Flounder

Tropical Window Display

West of Seaworthy Treasures shop entrance

Surfboard Sweets Shop Sign

Inside Cream & Berry (Waikiki)

Middle of a Park Square

Across the street from Cream & Berry (Waikiki) to the east

Shave Ice Menu Board

Mohala Shave Ice in West Waikiki

Alo-Happy Tours

Complete Automatically during Substory 32 in Chapter 5

Shopping Center Entrance

Across the street from Julia’s Brilliant Designs

Streetside Window Display

Near the Crepes for Me entrance

Behind the Surf Shop

On the south side of No Surf No Life shop

Ice Cream Stand Neon Sign

Side of Snowtown USA

Beside Mocha Mahalo

North of Mocha Mahalo

Garage Logo

Insides Julie’s Gearworks

Inside the Restaurant

Inside Oahu Burger in East Waikiki

Surfboard Statue on the Sands

Just south of the Aloha Beachfront taxi spot

Alleyway by the Beach

North of the West Aloha Beach Taxi spot

Famed Hotel Insignia

Crystal Aloha Resort sign, east of the Crystal Aloha Resort Taxi spot

Hawaii - Anaconda Shopping Center Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 3-star Wonder Gown

Shopping Center 1F Spot #1

Near the parking lot, between Hilo Hattie and the east Taxi spot

Shopping Center 1F Spot #2

Near the arcade, east side of the 1F

Shopping Center 1F Spot #3

Near the Reef Riders shop, east side

Shopping Center 2F Spot #1

The snake in a jar on the center of the second floor

Shopping Center North Entrance

Straight above your head on the north side of the mall, facing south from Anaconda Blvd.

Shopping Center South Entrance

Above the entrance to the parking lot

Shopping Center West Entrance

Just east of Sunset World Market

Shopping Center 2F Spot #2

Outside of Fiddler Brand

Shopping Center 2F Spot #3

In a shop window, west of ABC Store (Anaconda)

Shopping Center Restroom

On the floor of the east restroom on Anaconda 1F

Hawaii - Downtown / Chinatown / District Five Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 3-star Fluffy Maracas

Wall Graffiti in District Five

On the tall wall to the west

One Mismatched Slice

On the window near Sujimon trainer Aria

Cuffed Nightspot

West of Sujimon trainer Aria

Inside Ruins

West of Sujimon trainer Aria, in an alcove

Store Shelf Mascot

Inside Cafe Soramame restaurant in Downtown

Streetside Water Installation Spot #1

Fountain west of the Orphanage taxi stop

Streetside Water Installation Spot #2

The fountain in Downtown, off of Kolonahe St.

Serrated Storefront

Shark Teeth Souvenirs sign

Chinese Weapons Dealer

House of Wushu High Quality Weapon Shop

Sign of Bliss

Nirvana Hotel sign in north Chinatown

Herbal Store Mascot

Chinatown outside of Wan Shang Tong Herbal Medicine store

Elevator Panda

Near Fantasia Mahjong

Local Liquor Market

East of Clean-Clean Household Supplies

Hole-in-the-Wall Smoothie Shop

Chinatown, east of Wan Shang Tong Herbal Medicine store

Umbrellas on a Corner Store

Near Clean-Clean Household Supplies

Hawaii - Cultural District / Harbor Park Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 4-star Electric Whip

Seaside Park Bridge

The bridge near the pond in Harbor Park

Dolphins at Play

Just north of Onaga Maritime Fare

Street Corner Near the Parking Lot

Across the street to the east from Night Marchers

WIndow Near Klotzman Entrance

Across the street to the south from Night Marchers

For Adults Seeking Playtime

Above Dolls & Devils entrance

Raunchy Corset Display

Hyper Ecstasy shop in Cultural District

Food Truck Near Ship Landing

Hip Hop Shrimp sign

Art Walls Mural

East of Art Walls building

Groovy Cafe Sign

Sign of Psychedelic Coffee

Streetside Art Walls Bar

To the west of Sicko Snap (Hard) Trolley Stop

Lobby of an Educational Facility

Ounabara Vocational School

Currently Closed Theater

El Dorado sign across from Loco Fiesta Liquor

Pineapples for Sale

Outside Bullet Hell Firearms and Self-Defense Shop

Streetside Cafe

On the wall of LiberTea

Lit-Up Sign for a Closed Bar

East of Sushi Bar Limbo

Yokohama - Bar District Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 4-star Boom Bag

Former Company Headquarters

Front of Ichiban Confections

Sculpture on a Building Corner

Statue at the intersection south of Hustle Boutique

Trendy Clothing Shop

Hustle Boutique in the Bar District

Cafe Near a Local Hangout

The cafe right across from Survive

Popular Bar and Hangout Spot

Outside Survive Bar in the Bar District

Bar District 2F

Up the stairs behind The Harbor Light

Shop Amid the Street Downtown

Shop just to the right of Bar Rodriguez

Convenient Streetside Hotel

Across the street and a little north of Bar Rodriguez

Local Izakaya

At the end of the road to the north of Survive, east side of the street

Street Corner Psychic

At the end of the road to the north of Survive, west side of the street

Yokohama - Downtown Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 4-star Rose Amore

Nice Spot to Relax

On the street to the west of Poppo (Tsurukame Hwy.) facing the river

Street Archway Sculpture

Koreatown, east of Eomeoni’s Vow

Local Izakaya

Far north part of Koreatown, southeast of the Yokohama Blvd. Residential District taxi stop

Recently Rebranded Workshop

Julie’s Gearworks in the Commercial District

Photo Developer by Hello Work

On W Central Street, west of Hello Work

Employment Office of Yokohama

Sign of Hello Work, south side

Cafe on Main Street

North of Sasaki Arcade, across the highway

Rose-Colored Corner Store

On the wall just east of the Love Magic entrance

Local Theater’s Rooftop View

Ichiban’s apartment, northeast of Love Magic

Currently Closed Movie Theater

South part of Restaurant Row, across from You Tian

Street Corner Sculpture

At the intersection of Hyakkei St. and Hyakkei Alley, between Koreatown and Isezaki Road

Mascot of a Franchise Bookseller

Right near the E Tsurukame Hwy. taxi stop

Rustic Streetside Restaurant

West of Yoshinoya (Isezaki Rd.), facing north

Mighty Fast Food Mascot

West side of Wette Kitchen (Isezaki Rd.)

Iconic Sign of Isezaki Ijincho

The north entance of Isezaki Road

Yokohama - Uptown Photo Rally Spots

Completion Reward: 5-star Pancake Maker

Entrance of a Local High School

Far northwest of the map, across the river from Heaven’s Golf

Logo of a Golf Center

Outside Heaven’s Golf

Shuttered Garage

East of Kappo Katsumi, on the south side of the road

Entrance Gate Sign

Inside West Jinnai Station, near the ticket gates

Alo-Happy Crosses Borders

Right outside Alo-Happy Tours (Ijincho)

Inside The Bee

Straight ahead once entering Bee

Inside the Batting Center

Inside the MIRAI Batting Center

Face of a Large Hotel

Head west from Flowers 2 Go (Carriage Highway), the north entrance of the hotel.

View of a Poker Parlor

On the window of m HOLD’EM (Jinnai)

Large Cornerside Building

Just east of the East Carriage Hwy taxi stop

Statue in the Heart of the Park

Statue in the center of Hamakita Park

Chinatown Art Piece

Fountain across the street from The Bun Sauna

Fixture of the Chinatown Park

The pavilion in the southeast area of Chinatown

Authentic Chinese Restaurant

The Heian Tower entrance to the southeast

Archway Before the Dragon

The arch near Sweet Heaven