Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Personality Traits guide: how to raise Ichiban's stats with various activities

The Personality Traits system returns in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth., allowing players to grow protagonist Ichiban's character - both in an classic RPG sense and in the more literal definition of the word 'character', by improving his social abilities. This guide aims to quickly give you a run-down of how to raise all of Ichiban's Personality Traits fast, making clear exactly how you can efficiently grind out each of the personality stats

Raising each of Ichiban's Personality Traits is actually important to the core role-playing experience of Infinite Wealth, as increasing each of the stats enhances the skills exclusive to the Ichiban-exclusive Hero job class. In addition, and arguably more important, certain personality trait level thresholds must be hit in order to unlock new job classes over at Alo-Happy Tours, as detailed in our in-depth Infinite Wealth Jobs guide.

The truth is, simply playing through Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will see you constantly updating each of these stats simply though engaging with the game's various mechanics - but as the game wears on, you may find you want to grind out a specific personality trait stat exp in order to unlock something specific. This guide is here to help you with that. Below, we list the activities that raise each of the personality stats - plus note the rare few activities that actually raise all stats.

Activities that raise all Personality Traits

Taking tests at the vocational school can theoretically increase all of your personality traits - depending on the test.


If you're looing to raise your personality stat in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, a great way to do so is to have Kasuga play darts with his friends.

Enhances Hero’s Encouragement & increases Sleep Resistance

  • Continually traveling on foot
  • Swimming certain distances
  • Picking up items in restrooms
  • Initiating Party Chats
  • Creating & improving weapons
  • Activating skills in battle
  • Defeating enemies as a Hero, Chef, Pyrodancer, and Samurai
  • Singing Karaoke
  • Dabbling with Virtua Fighter 3tb at the arcade
  • Playing darts


In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Ichiban can raise his confidence stat by calling on Poundmates for assistance in battle.

Enhances Hero’s Guts & increases Fear Resistance

  • Spending money
  • Emoting at people for Aloha Links
  • Calling Poundmates & using different types of Poundmates
  • Defeating enemies as a Freelancer
  • Clearing floors and beat bosses in the Hawaiian Haunt dungeon
  • Knocking foes into walls or into other foes
  • Winning Sujimon battles, capture Sujimon, & pull the Sujimon gacha
  • Battling and succeeding in various Sujimon raids
  • Playing koi-koi, oicho-kabu, and mahjong


Charisma is one of the most fun personality traits in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth to raise, as you can grind out mini-games like Crazy Delivery.

Enhances Hero’s Blessing & increases Blind Resistance

  • Becoming friends and best buddies with people in Aloha Links
  • Picking up items from sand mounds on the beach
  • Shaking palm trees
  • Riding the trolley
  • Defeating enemies as an Aquanaut and Action Star
  • Unlocking new job classes at Alo-Happy Tours
  • Playing Crazy Delivery, UFO Catcher, and SpikeOut: Final Edition


To raise your Kindness Personality Trait, you can undertake the Miss Match dating minigame.

Enhances Hero’s Healing & increases Rage Resistance

  • Talking to other NPCs
  • Collecting CDs to add more options to your playlist
  • Picking up items in ocean spots & stuff from dumpsters
  • Getting honk-honked
  • Performing Tag Team attacks
  • Registering different Sujimon
  • Defeating enemies as a Host
  • Hitting enemy weaknesses
  • Playing Miss Match & Sicko Snap
  • Achievements when playing darts


Cabbies love to talk, and in Infinite wealth, taking a cab and listening to them talk raises your Intellect Personality Trait.

Enhances Hero’s Wisdom & increases Silence Resistance

  • Riding in taxis
  • Opening locked shipping containers with a Safe Key
  • Picking up items in free handout boxes (where you get Free Magazines)
  • Preparing edible healing items (at Revolve & marked places with a green blender icon)
  • Chatting with party members at Table Talks - if grinding these out, hit up our guide to all of the combo meals that unlock table talks in Infinite Wealth
  • Using nearby environmental objects to attack
  • Utilizing attack items, such as the baseball to inflict Gun damage
  • Breaking enemy guards with grapple skills - if you're unsure of which skills count, use our guide to all skills for every class in Infinite Wealth
  • Accessing Suji Spots & collecting different types of Sujimon Fighters
  • Playing SEGA Bass Fishing and shogi at Open Road Shogi


Playing some cards in a back room can be a great way to raise Ichiban's Style stat in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Enhances Hero’s Flair & increases Charm Resistance

  • Gambling at the Casino and playing Poker & Blackjack
  • Dining in food places
  • Taking photos with Ichiban’s phone and doing the Photo Rally activity - which you can easily do by following our page on all Photo Rally  locations in Infinite Wealth
  • Pick up herbs, Shrine fortunes, and Treasure Hunt items
  • Giving gifts and presents to party members
  • Obtain different pieces of head, body, & leg armor
  • Defeat enemies as a Sujimancer, Breaker, and Desperado