Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Best Party: Choosing the Best Team for battle

A hallmark of the role-playing genre is a party of adventurers - and as you progress through Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, many characters join your cause and become available party members in battle. In fact, Infinite Wealth actually eventually has you manage two completely separate parties - one each led by Ichiban and Kiryu. The last stretch of both parties' journeys can be a bit tricky if you're unprepared, so refer to this guide for what we consider to be the best team and best party setups for both Ichiban and Kiryu in Infinite Wealth.

Being an RPG-dedicated website, we do a lot of thinking about party composition and team setup across a wide range of RPG adventures - and across all games there is one relatively universal truth: there is typically no absolute 'best team' or party to choose. Personal choice and preference should always come into it and be considered. The same is true for Infinite Wealth - you are ultimately free to choose any team of four adventurers you like, and any setup will be viable. There's a range of things to consider when choosing characters, including the best jobs for each character and your overall intended playstyle. 

With that said, there are obviously some considerations to be made beyond that - and inevitably, there are some parties and teams that do appear to more naturally lend themselves to easy battles and maximized damage dealing. This guide is here to help you with that - though we do suggest you primarily treat it as a guideline rather than law.

Best Ichiban led Party Setup

There's a wide range of party members who unlock throughout Infinite Wealth - but what is the best party setup and team for battle?

Ichiban is of course the primary protagonist of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and he naturally pairs up with some returning friendly faces from the previous game, plus some new ones. Once all party members are unlocked, it's worth considering rolling with the following:

Ichiban Kasuga

Ichiban can't be switched out of his party, but that's not much of a concern because his stat spread makes him a powerful character to mold. While his Hero job allows him to fill any role decently, we think its better served to skill inherit Hero's Flair, Hero's Healing, and/or Hero's Encouragement into other classses - if you've been actively raising Ichiban's Personality traits. Consider having Ichiban take up the Samurai class to have him serve as one of your main physical DPS characters.

Eric Tomizawa

Tomizawa has high growth in his Magic stat, so we recommend making his primary job class either a Desperado or Host. Whichever class you decide, make sure to skill inherit go-to skills like the Desperado's Poisoned Cloudburst, Devil's Twister, and/or Dynamite Fever. If you decide to go the other way, consider borriwng the Host's Birthday Bonanza, Rose Stinger, Ice Spreader, and/or Coercive Shout.

Chitose Fujinomiya

Chitose brings a vast array of utility to the party while packing a punch. She can crowd control well with Housekeeper, but if you have access to the Tennis Ace pre-order exclusive job, it is extremely good on her as well. Some skills worth considering for skill inheritance are the Housekeeper's Scum Scraper, Iron Matriarch, and Bubble Bale, while for Tennis Ace it's  Wicked Wall Drills, Noisy Racket, Rapid-Fire Rally, Court Maintenance, and Grand Slam.

Joongi Han

Joongi joins the party quite late into the game, so it could be time consuming to go out of your way to level up new jobs for him. His default Hitman class will serve him well like in Yakuza: Like A Dragon with lots of skills to hit multiple enemies. If you want to be absolutely prepared though, consider making him a Desperado if your Tomizawa is a Host - the pre-order exclusive Linebacker is a great job for him as well.

The Best Kiryu Party

Throughout Infinite Wealth, you'll be able to set up different parties for both Ichiban and Kasuga.

When the time comes to take control of Kiryu as your party leader, you'll get an opportunity to form up a new party. This team setup is one we recommend for Kiryu:

Kazuma Kiryu

Kiryu has little reason to leave his exclusive Dragon of Dojima job once you start leveling up his Soul, Body, and Tech stats that feed into his Awakening. Each of them corresponds with one of his three stances and they'll learn new mechanics at certain Awakening thresholds. Another fantastic job for Kiryu Samurai.

Yu Nanba

Nanba serves an identical role to Tomizawa as the team's Black Mage, slinging offensive magic. His best, most stable job class is the Host but considering leveling his exclusive Homeless Guy class to skill inherit skills like Pigeon Storm and Maldorous Stench.


Due to Seonhee's stat spread, she'll pretty much excel in any offensive role you put her in. Her default Assassin class is fantastic out of the gate with Voltaic Whip which eventually sees an upgrade in Stentorian Whip. Queen's Claw and Sadistic Heel absolutely decimates enemies with ease. Other alternative jobs worth looking into for Seonhee are Night Queen and Kunoichi. She has a vast amount of ways to build her and her high Agility will ensure that she gets to act often in battle.

Saeko Mukoda

While Saeko's exclusive Barmaid job has handy skills like Sly Pose & Champagne Showdown, some of Infinite Wealth's toughest fights are in the final dungeon of Kiryu's party. We recommend that she starts leveling the Idol job with some of Barmaid's skills inherited just in case she gets a free turn when she doesn't need to heal the party.