Tips for Getting started in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

2024 is off to a strong start for RPGs, and one of the most hotly anticipated arrivals is Granblue Fantasy: Relink. It's a quality experience as detailed in our review - but if you're looking to start, you might be slightly daunted by the game's nature as another entry in an already-established franchise with fighting games, manga, anime, and more. Alternatively, you might just be looking to know what you're getting into. This page is here to help answer those questions - our top tips before and to help you get started in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Granblue Fantasy Relink: Tips for Beginners

You don’t need prior experience with Granblue Fantasy to enjoy Relink

Never played the mobile game before? No problem. Ditto with the two season anime, the manga, or even the well-received fighting games. Relink is designed as a standalone story that provides just enough information about the characters to get you started. Personally, I think some prior experience helps provide some context for the characters and relationships, but the game even offers Lyria’s Journal in the menu as a datalog of sorts, providing character histories and other information. 

How long is Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Broken into chapters, the game has fewer than a dozen chapters, and can be completed in under 20 hours. This accounts for the single player main story quest only. While completing the main story, you are able to replay as many missions and quests as you would like. Some may consider the main story quests as the tutorial to the multi-player online co-op portion, but the main story is developed enough on its own. Personally it felt like a standalone arc or season in the middle of a lengthy series.

No need to rush - it’s short, sweet, and you’ll be grinding for post-game rewards before you know it. Once you hit the endgame, you'll need to start thinking about the max level and postgame challenges, which we've detailed in a separate guide.

How many playable characters are there in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Players control a party of four, directly controlling one. The game starts off with six characters in your group. There are currently fourteen additional characters to recruit using cards, items given out as a reward for story, side-quests, or missions. It’s a great motivation to repeat missions or complete some quests, including the Fate Episodes. Filling out your roster will make available a wider range of party compositions and through that, gameplay styles. Really, you want to have access to more characters in order to have more options.

Don't be afraid to Experiment - and do it a lot

While you start off with six characters, you will eventually have quite a group of recruitable characters, making the roster swell from 6, to a dozen, and then some. While it can seem overwhelming at times, the game gives ample opportunity to experiment with each character and their playstyle.

From gun-toting pirates to stout samurai, Relink features plenty of character to get to know, love, and level up. The best part is, you don’t have to play characters you don’t like, so if you find a playstyle that doesn’t suit you? Thank you, next! This is a totally key component of the game - so don't be afraid to just give 'em the gaming equivalent of a swipe left to move on to someone who suits you more.

Don’t sleep on the Fate Episodes

The Fate Episodes are a great way to get to know each character a bit - especially the ones who aren’t featured prominently in the story. Most of these are little audio and text vignettes against a static image, voiced by the character. It provides context and insight into their characters, as well as stat bonuses and some exclusive awards. It’s best to do these as they unlock to immediately reap the rewards. 

Use the serial codes - if you’re into that sort of thing

Each copy of the game comes with a unique serial code you can utilize in the mobile game, providing an armor set and other perks. If you have no intention of playing the mobile game, you may be able to find a friend who could use it. If not, maybe it’s a great motivation to check out it out. 

Grab a friend - if they are on the same platform

While Relink offers plenty of multi-player action, there is no crossplay across platforms. Meaning: if most of your online friends are on PC, you may want to get a copy on PC so you can play with them. Ditto if you are in the PS5-tribe. It seems like playing on PC might reap the most benefits, if your system can handle it. Ultimately it seems it depends on where and with whom you plan on doing the most playing. 

Don’t be afraid of the Assist modes!

A particular boss fight or story scenario getting the best of you? The game includes Assist and Full Assist modes. In these modes, combat is simplified for players who may want or need the change of pace. During these modes, some or all combat actions are automatically performed for you. These options can be toggled during the game (but not always available, ie: mid-mission) so you are not stuck to it if you decide to change your mind. 

Level up more than just your characters

The game’s progression systems are cohesive, and feel as if they borrow the best parts of the mobile game. Characters have Mastery Points to disperse across a grid of unlockable nodes which provide stat boosts, new abilities, and more. It can feel daunting, but the game can automate some of it for you. Outside of that, we have weapons to level up and uncap, and even the equippable Sigils can be leveled up. That’s a lot of raw material going into the refining process, but it can become quite addicting - especially when seeing how much power it adds to the character. 

Check out Lyria's Journal for information and trophy rewards.

Contained within the in-game menu, Lyria's Journal is a valuable resource for those searching for additional information or context with regard to the story, people, and even locations within the Skydom. The journal also includes a music player, and even a separate list of in-game trophies to earn (not to be confused with the achievements). If you see a notification that you've earned a trophy, check out the corresponding section in the journal. Taking a page from it's gacha cousin, Relink provides rewards for each trophy, usually in the form of expendable items or other rewards that can be funnelled into upgrades, Press the square button to collect them all at once.

How are your adventures with Gran and the crew going? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?