Granblue Fantasy Relink Playable Characters List: A quick guide to all playable characters

The original Granblue Fantasy browser game has a playable roster hundreds of characters strong, but thankfully, action RPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink doesn't roll quite that deep (at least not yet). In case you're wondering who's available to play as you adventure around the Zegagrande Skydom, we've come up with a quick guide to all the playable characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

This guide will include information and descriptions of all the playable characters, including those who are part of the base game roster and those confirmed through DLC. We'll revisit the guide to update the list as it grows, so check back on occasion!

Note: As this guide necessarily lists the complete roster of Granblue Fantasy Relink, it will mention the presence of characters that are left unrevealed in the story.

Just scroll on through to read each entry or use one of the handy links below to jump straight to a character's entry. The link list is ordered alphabetically.

Granblue Fantasy Relink playable characters (Base Game)

Gran or Djeeta (The Captain)

  • Elemental Attribute: Wind
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Ono Yuuki/Kyle McCarley (Gran), Kanemoto Hisako/Erika Harlacher (Djeeta)

Once a resident of the isolated island of Zinkenstill with their best pal Vyrn, the Captain met Lyria and departed on an epic journey across the skies to find their father at Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals.

Usually just called "Captain," Gran and Djeeta are the default names of the male and female protagonist, but you can write in a name you choose when you start. Gran and Djeeta are identical in terms of stats, and differ only in appearance, voice, and animation.

In combat, the Captain is an all-round fighter with solid fundamentals and a unique Support Skill: Adept Arts, that boosts the effectiveness of their skills when they land full combos. They'll also buff the whole party with "player" skills taken straight from the mobile game like Rage and Phalanx when controlled by the AI.


  • Elemental Attribute: Water
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Sawashiro Miyuki/Erica Lindbeck

A former knight of the Erste Empire, Katalina rebelled after learning of the inhumane experiments being conducted on Lyria. She saved the girl in blue and escaped, crash-landing onto Zinkenstill and encountering the Captain for the first time.

As an all-round unit, Katalina plays somewhat similarly to the Captain, with both offensive and supportive abilities to call on. She can also fill her "Ares gauge" by landing complete combos, and can spend the gauge to enhance her skills or summon Ares, a powerful presence that improves her combos and skills even further.


  • Elemental Attribute: Fire
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Hirata Hiroaki/Kyle Herbert

Hailing from the idyllic Port Breeze archipelago, Rackam is the helmsman of the crew's airship, the Grandcypher. Rackam's own history is closely tied to the Grandcypher's, and he's one of the the Captain's closest allies.

Rackam is the quintessential gunslinger character, with a focus on unrelenting rapid fire. Using Rackam's quick-paced shots and 3-round bursts builds up "Heat" that can be spent on a devastating blast. When enemies get too close, his unique "Duration" evasive maneuver can instantly max out his Heat as he avoids harm.


  • Elemental Attribute: Light
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Tamura Yukari/Jackie Lastra

A young mage and the disciple of famed Draph Magician-Blacksmith Tzaka the Great, Io joined the crew on their journey after they visited the Valtz Duchy. She wields potent spellcraft and aspires to become a mature lady.

In combat, Io is a strong magician with a focus on wide-area elemental attacks. She also has supportive and healing spells to compliment the party. Io's playstyle is ideal for players that want to exploit elemental weaknesses, and rewards judicious skill usage and timing. Landing fully charged spells gives her Mystic orbs that increase the power of her unique bombardment ability, Stargaze.


  • Elemental Attribute: Earth
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Yamaji Kazuhiro/Richard Epcar

A veteran soldier from the Auguste Isles, Eugen has seen a lot of combat against the Erste Empire and other threats to his homeland. Now he supports the Captain and crew with his hard-earned wisdom.

If Rackam focuses on rapid-fire barrages to overwhelm enemies, Eugen is a marksman that targets enemy weaknesses. His potent grenades and close-range attacks can also be useful against enemies that creep too close. Much of Eugen's play style revolves around maintaining an ideal range from the enemy, then finding the right opportunity to enter his precision aiming mode to maximize his damage or target enemy parts.


  • Elemental Attribute: Dark
  • Race: Primal
  • Voice (JP/EN): Tanaka Rie/Allegra Clark

This mysterious beauty is actually the Primal Beast Rose Queen, and bridges the past and present through her presence on the Grandcypher. She once traveled with the Captain's father in the past, but prefers to preserve her enigmatic aura as she supports the child of her former companion.

True to her captivating nature, Rosette excels at crowd control through the roses she can plant in the ground wherever she aims. These turret-like entities will then deliver blessings to allies and harm to enemies as Rosetta herself lands combos on her foes.


  • Elemental Attribute: Light
  • Race: Harvin
  • Voice (JP/EN): Nazuka Kaori/Cristina Valenzuela

The captain of the Lumiel Order of knights, what Charlotta lacks in stature, she makes up in strength and spirit (don't talk about her height, though). She puts the lie to the stereotype of a physically weak Harvin, and lends her strong sword hand to the cause of justice and the princples of knighthood.

Charlotta's speed and agility make her a potent and highly aggressive melee-range attacker. Players can quickly overwhelm enemies with large flurries of slashes and multi-hit combos. Her Valiant Stance boosts her power when she avoids hits successfully, making her even more ferocious in the hands of a player that's mastered her movement style.


  • Elemental Attribute: Fire
  • Race: Draph
  • Voice (JP/EN): Yanada Kiyoyuki/Dave Fennoy

The founder of a legendary style of martial arts, Ghandagoza is an icon to those who fight with their fists and feet. His journey to train himself to knock out gods in a single blow continues, taking him as far as the Zegagrande Skydom.

Ghandagoza is a powerful bruiser that excels in close range combat. But don't mistake him for a clumsy button-mashing brawler - he's an artist among martial artists, and his moves improve based on how well you can time the chaining of your consecutive hits. This all builds his Eternal Rage meter, which pumps up his Raging Fist damage to phenomenal levels. That said, his relative lack of speed means you'll need to make good use of evasion and distance-closing maneuvers to stay in range and keeping that rage up before it can subside.


  • Elemental Attribute: Light
  • Race: Erune
  • Voice (JP/EN): Yonezawa Maodka/Cristina Valenzuela

Once cursed to live forever on a gloomy island, Ferry was freed from her undeath by the Captain and crew, and now journeys with them across the skies, her ghostly pet-like friends in tow.

Ferry's an unusual pet-based character with a particular focus on her ghostly companions. Her combos summon companions onto the field, and has an array of supportive skills for the whole party. Mastering Ferry will involve finding the right combos to summon and keep pets on the field, then finding the right timing to use a powerful AOE skill that has the side effect of dismissing all the pets.


  • Elemental Attribute: Dark
  • Race: Draph
  • Voice (JP/EN): MAO/Brianna Knickerbocker

A singularly skilled swordmaster, Narmaya wields a unique style of deadly swordsmanship, while doting on the younger crewmembers (and the Captain) in her downtime.

Narmaya is one of the more technical characters of the base Relink roster, with a swordplay style that uses two different stances: Dawnfly and Freeflutter. Dawnfly involves slow, powerful strikes that can be charged to extend Narmaya's reach, while Freeflutter uses rapid slashes with repeatable multi-hit combos. Shifting between stances with the right timing without succumbing to button-mashing temptation is the key to making the most of her kit.


  • Elemental Attribute: Water
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Ono Yuuki/Stephen Fu

One of the four Dragon Knights, Lancelot leads the Order of the White Dragons, a knightly order in the kingdom of Feendrache.

Lancelot is a fast-attacking close-range melee character that "cools down" instead of "heating up" as you slash away at foes. His blades freeze over the longer he can continue rapidly attacking the enemy, amplifying his damage output and reach. He's also got a unique dodge mechanic that helps him avoid harm while maintaining his combo streak.


  • Elemental Attribute: Water
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Eguchi Takuya/Zeno Robinson

The vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons, Vane is an old friend and constant companion of Lancelot. He supports his leader with a smile on his face and a buff axe-arm at his side.

Where Lancelot is an agile rushdown character that gets in close and stays in the enemy's weak spot, Vane compliments his buddy's style with his upfront, direct combat style. Vane can grant himself invincibility, cancel enemy attacks with his own, and restore his own HP when finishes combos. His combos build up the Beatdown gauge that powers his unique heavy attack chains.


  • Elemental Attribute: Fire
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Osaka Ryota/Anthony Sitoy

Known as the "Lord of Flames" and a former commander of Feendrache's knights, Percival has the makings of a future ruler of men. He travels the world to learn how best to shape and found a nation.

Percival is a fairly straightforward melee-range brawler that deals out hard-hitting basic strikes and can charge up a powerful heavy attack. Completing combos correctly further enhances his charged heavy, allowing him to deal even more damage.


  • Elemental Attribute: Earth
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Inoue Kazuhiko/Jordan Reynolds

Once the hero of Feendrache and captain of the Order of Black Dragons, Siegfried was once framed and exiled from the kingdom he was sworn to defend. He carries the power of the dragon Fafnir within his body.

In combat, Siegfried is all about landing the big hits with his greatsword. Players with Siegfried would do well to master positioning so they can chain together perfectly timed strikes. He also has a support skill that keeps foes from interrupting his heay attack animations.


  • Elemental Attribute: Wind
  • Race: Harvin
  • Voice (JP/EN): Chiba Shigeru/Peter Kelamis

Called "Yoda" by fans, Yodarha was once a legendary swordmaster. He retired to take up the hermit's life and fish his time away, but returned to the field to avenge the betrayal that caused him to retire in the first place.

There are a good number of speedy characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink's roster, but Yodarha's acceleration is second to none. He's got an array of counters and his rapid combos can chain directly into new combos, allowing players to pull off powerful combo finishers with ever-greater frequency. Those finishers build up marks of "Triple Shroud" that can be spent to greatly enhance his skills.


  • Elemental Attribute: Fire
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Hanazawa Kana/Mela Lee

A member of the "Society," a secretive organization dedicated to hunting Primal Beasts. She wields the powerful Spear of Arvess, and is well-acquainted with Vaseraga, who was once her partner.

Zeta's a high-flying spear-user with combos that send her up into the air, able to drop down to inflict murderous damage on enemies from above. She even has access to a counter-move that will send her into a high jump if it lands. Players can learn to loop her combos to keep Zeta in the air, strengthening her attack power further.


  • Elemental Attribute: Dark
  • Race: Draph
  • Voice (JP/EN): Tachiki Fumihiko/SungWon Cho

Another member of the "Society," Vaseraga once acted as Zeta's partner in hunting Primal Beasts. He's also bound to his weapon, the Great Scythe Grynoth, which he uses to sweep the field and bring enemies to ruin.

A powerful brawler with combos that end on a chargeable finisher that lands for devastating damage, Vaseraga takes pain and dishes it out in equal measure. Some of his skills consume his own HP to further enhance his attacks, while others absorb the party's incoming damage and convert it into a devastating counter. He also has skills that grant him "super armor," making his attacks uninterruptible.


  • Elemental Attribute: Earth
  • Race: Draph
  • Voice (JP/EN): Tange Sakura/Sarah Anne Williams

The very image of the perfect cutie, Cagliostro is a key figure in the history of the Sky Realm. In the past, she introduced the art of alchemy to the world, and achieved near-immortality by swapping out her body for a new one customized to suit her tastes.

Cagliostro (or "Cag") is a caster, but her supreme confidence allows her to fight up-close to her foes. Her set of support skills is almost unmatched, as she can resurrect downed characters, buff the party, heal damage, and strip enemy buffs. Her unique attacks also charge up as she uses her different combo finishers.

Upcoming and Spoiler Characters

This next section includes characters that aren't playable yet and are announced for future addition via DLC, as well as one character whose arrival on the roster is a spoiler for the campaign. This character is listed at the bottom of the piece.

Seofon / Siete (DLC)

  • Elemental Attribute: Wind
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Suwabe Junichi/Alejandro Saab

Seofon (known as Siete in the Japanese version) is the leader of the Eternals, a group of ten of the world's strongest Skyfarers. He can manifest spirit swords from his foes, using them in combat and contributing to his reputation as the Star-Sword Sovereign.

At the moment, Seofon / Siete is not playable in Granblue Fantasy Relink, but is confirmed to be destined for the playable roster as a future DLC addition set for April 2024.

Tweyen / Song (DLC)

  • Elemental Attribute: Light
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Minaguchi Yuuko/Giselle Fernandez

A member of the Eternals and the undisputed master of the bow, Tweyen (called Song in the Japanese version) can see enormous distances and down prey all across the skies thanks to her supernaturally acute vision.

At the moment, Tweyen / Song is not playable in Granblue Fantasy Relink, but is confirmed to be destined for the playable roster as a future DLC addition set for April 2024.



- SPOILER WARNING - Stop reading now if you're spoiler-averse






  • Elemental Attribute: Dark
  • Race: Human
  • Voice (JP/EN): Tsuda Kenjiro/Robbie Daymond

A general of Avia, Id overwhelms his enemies with his martial power.

This character, who is unlocked late into the game, has powerful and flashy move set that's centered around his Physalis form, which activates a "super mode" draconic form that expands his moveset. You can also unlock a "God Form" that can be charged up even further.