Persona 3 Reload Social Stats guide: How to increase Courage, Charm, and Academics fast

Many Persona series traditions have their origins in Persona 3, and one such example is the concept of Social Stats, which are replicated again here in the title's remake, Persona 3 Reload. The good news is that there's actually less of them to manage in this title - Courage, Charm, and Academics. This guide is here to help you to increase all of your social stats quickly, with this guide tooled to service the rebalanced systems of Persona 3 Reload specifically.

If you're coming to P3 Reload from the later Persona games, you might notice there are less Social Stats than in the newer games. This is unique to all versions of Persona 3 - though as we say above, Reload is pretty different. The timings that certain stat-increasing options unlock has changed for this version, as has which methods of increasing social stats are most effective. As such, this guide is specifically for Reload - though we do have an equivalent page for P3 Portable & FES, if you're playing those versions.

While the number of stats is different, their importance remains just as high in Persona 3 as in other games. Too-low social stats can prevent you from starting social links, and just generally get in the way of several potential choices in-game. As such, you'll want to prirotize leveling them up. If you want to try to fit that into a 100% playthrough, our 100% Max S-Link walkthrough includes timings for leveling up each social stat to Rank 6, its maximum.

General Tips for Increasing your Social Stats in Persona 3 Reload

Before we get into the specific ways to increase each of the three social stats, here's some key things to keep in mind:

Do activities that improve multiple social stats at once

There are a bunch of activities that you can do that will improve multiple of your social stats at once. These predominantly are the work options. They include -

  • Chagall Cafe: Charm and Courage (2 pips)
  • Be blue V: Academics and Charm (2 pips)
  • Screen Shot Movie Theater: Courage and Academics (2 pips)

Read the description of the activities you are agreeing to

Before spending your precious free time on what to do, double-check and read what the benefits of the activity are. If something will boost a social stat, you will be told what stat will be improved - and if you will get any bonuses from any major arcana that you possess.

Watch some movies and play some games

The Screen Shot Movie Theater and the arcade have a rotating list of selections that you can choose from, with each one providing two pips of experience to a given stat.

Try to prioritize as opposed to maxing them all out

Don't try to max all three stats out at once; instead, focus on one, preferably one or two stats at a time.

Take advantage of the shared PC in the dorm

Buying programs from the Netcafe to use in the shared PC in the lobby of the dorm will provide stat boosts to various social stats along with other benefits like increases to HP and more.

Do well on your exams

Doing well on your exams will boost both your charm and academic stats. Use our handy guide to make sure you get all of the test & exam answers right!

Take advantage of the Temperance Major Arcana when you draw it

The Temperance Major Arcana card that you can pull during shuffle time in Tartarus will provide bonus increases in the next daily activity you do, so be sure to use it wisely - the best time is to complete Wilduck's burger challenge since that boosts all three stats at once!

Best Ways to Raise Your Courage

Courage typically impacts responses that you are able to give in certain situations, such as confronting some thugs, asking that ladyfriend you if she would like to walk home with you, or accepting that clearly shady medicine the school doctor is offering. Courage is one of the better choices to focus on early.

Day options:

  • Wilduck Burger - Try their mystery burger or Weekend Wilduck Set (1 pip)
  • Sleeping in class (1 pip)
  • Drink Edogawa's strange medicine the day after going to Tartarus (1 pip)
  • Spend time watching movies with Akihiko (2 pips)

Night options

  • Mandragora Karaoke (1 pip)
  • Wilduck Burger - Complete the Big Eater Challenge (2 Academic + Charm + Courage pips)

Best Ways to Raise Your Charm

Charm, in many ways, is similar to Courage as it unlocks your ability to select different responses to questions and statements that pop up. Usually, though, these responses will be more of the flirtatious variety, so if you plan to romance anyone, being Charming is a must.

Day options:

  • Answer questions correctly in class (1 pip) - use our guide to answer correctly 
  • Visit Chagall Cafe and have a beverage (1 pip)
  • Eat the Pork Ramen at Hagakure Ramen (1 pip)

Night options:

  • Wilduck Burger - Complete the Big Eater Challenge (2 Academic + Charm + Courage pips)
  • Visit Chagall Cafe and have a beverage (1 pip)
  • Spend time with Yukari watching movies (2 pips)

Best Ways to Raise Your Academics

Academics mostly just impact the results you get on your exams throughout the school year. Even if you answer all of the school test questions correctly, whether or not you are at the top of your class is also dependent on your academic status. Additionally, if you have any desire to romance or even start the Mitsuru s-link, you are going to have to bring your Academics game - she doesn't date idiots after all...

Day options:

  • Pray at the shrine (2 pips) 
  • Eat the Prodigy Platter at Wakatsu Kitch (1 pip)

Night options:

  • Wilduck Burger - Complete the Big Eater Challenge (2 Academic + Charm + Courage pips)
  • Study at your desk (1  pip)
  • Spend time reading with Mitsuru (2 pips)