Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Collectibles Locations

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden has a ton of collectible items, one category of which is literally called Collectibles. There are 32 of these in all, and if you find all of them, you will earn the achievement Bookworm.

Below we list all the collectibles in the game, sorted by region.

Note, when using the map images below, go to the position Red is at on the map - the arrow icon. If you cannot access a certain area on the map, you probably need to progress the main story or a Haunting Case sidequest beforehand.

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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - New Eden Town Collectibles

Note: Two collectibles you can find in this area during the tutorial at the beginning of the game, before you head to The Dark Woods for the main portion of the game. The other two collectibles here you can only get at the very end of the game, past the point of no return.

Where do Nightmares Come From

Location: In Charles Davenport's Bedroom in New Eden Town (early game)

Banishers Techniques

Location: Schoolhouse (early game)

The Ghost of War

Location: House just east of schoolhouse (Only available when returning at the end of the game)

The Last Settlement of New Eden (1687 and counting)

Location: House closest to meeting house after clearing the vine (Only available when returning at the end of the game)

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - The Dark Woods Collectibles

The Origin of Banishers

Location: In cave after meeting Seeker (Red's Sickbed)

Voices in the Mist

Location: In the Mist area shortly after meeting Jacob

To Bring Closure

Location: Behind abandoned south Hunter's Lodge

What is a Ghost Made of?

Location: In your Hunter's Camp shelter cabin

There's Kindness in Banishing a Spirit

Location: In a spectral pile in the area west of Hunter's Camp

Blaming The Living

Location: Outside the west exit to Waterfall cave, near a tent

The Void Is No Hell

Location: Near Secret Cache Locked Chest in Fiery Grove (requires Ensnare)

On The Nature Of Specters

Location: Near the Abandoned Belongings locked chest, in a spectral veil

In The Beginning Was The Word

Location: Right next to the Alter of the Invisible near Kate Bivouac's shelter.

Sacred Geometry

Location: Near the scourge icon in a spectral pile in the early sections of The Dark Woods. Requires the Ensnare ability.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - The Mire Marshes Collectibles

Void and Timeless

Location: South of Black Pond on Siridean's Island, near a tree

The Incarnate and the Invisible

Location: Broken Bridge Shelter in Mire Marshes

Strange Times to Come

Location: Near Island Shelter past a vine in a spectral corpse (requires Ensnare)

The things which never were human

Location: Near Hummingbird area wreckage (requires Ensnare)

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - Mount Pleasant Collectibles

An Old Sickmouth

Location: At the cabin at the top of the ski-like lift

The Invisible Enemy

Location: Mount Pleasant at top of second lift area east of Fort Jericho

War Never Changes

Location: Top floor of south Armory building, enter from the back door

The New Eden Curse - The Loss of the Sense of Time

Location: Near the beginning of Jericho Mine, in a spectral corpse

The New Eden Curse - The Evil Dreams

Location: At the gate outside Bligh Manor (requires Ensnare)

Witch Hunt

Location: In a cabin in the area SE of Fort Jericho (opens later, requires Ensnare)

The Mystery About Old Moss-head

Location: Seeker's secret area (late game only)

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - The Harrows Collectibles

Foundation of New Eden (1635-1638)

Location: On a cart in the earliest section of The Harrows

The New Eden Curse - A Long Winter

Location: In The Harrows Shelter

Inside The Pandora's Box

Location: Collapsed House Shelter in The Harrows (progress main story to get here)

Breeding Breaches

Location: In the cave underneath the Old Mill, near the Void Breach, on a box

The New Eden Curse - The Dearth

Location: West of Hills Old House Shelter in The Harrows

The second settlement of New Eden

Location: North of God's Acre cemetery, behind destroyable rocks

Beyond The Great Below

Location: In the cave near Boat Hold shelter. Once in the cave, take a right through the wooden-framed entrance, then climb up the Red-sized wall on the left. Take a left, climb up a little step wall, then to the left, near the candles.