Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Chocobo Racing: All Chocobo Gear, Races and Racing Skills

With Final Fantasy VII RebirthChocobos are the star of the show - literally. Early on in the game you'll discover that you'll be able to use Golden Plumes to unlock gear for your Chocobo. While the gear won't do anything for most of the game, these gear are essential for Chocobo Racing at the Gold Saucer. As both the regional Chocobos that you can tame, as well as the pieces of gear you can equip, have their own attributes and skills attached.

As for Chocobo Racing - it's very much riffing off Mario Kart, especially 7 and 8. Blue Fruit pickups are Coins, Yellow Fruits are boosts that you can bank, and Red Fruits will increase your Chocobo's active skill gauge. The Cross button can be used to accelerate your Chocobo, R2 can be used to drift, and L1 and R1 will use your boosts and skill when they are available. It's all pretty simple, and if you've ever played Mario Kart you'll get the hang of things in no time at all.

Regional Chocobos

Each region in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has its own regional Chocobo, as well as one bonus that you can unlock near the end of the game. They each have their own unique stats, and their own innate active skill. The birds you can recruit across the game are as follows:


Piko is the first Chocobo you'll recruit, in the Grasslands Region. Stats are an all-rounder; I used them to clear all the Chocobo races in the Gold Saucer.

Skill - Speed Burst: Temporarily increase your speed. Maintain top speed for long enough to become invincible and knock rivals out of the way.


Belle is the Chocobo you'll find in the Junon Region. Her stats are slightly focused in favor of Speed, Weight and Strength.

Skill - Rock Solid: Enhance your traction and prevent being knocked back during collisions.


Kyma is the Chocobo for the Corel region, and can be recruited by purchasing her license in Costa del Sol. Her stats are focused on Acceleration, Cornering, Strength and Intelligence.

Skill - Birdshot: Once the gauge is full, gain the ability to fire up to three blasts that travel in a straight line and send any rivals they collide with reeling.


Fango is the Chocobo for the Gongaga Region. Their stats are focused on Speed, Weight and Cornering.

Skill - Chocojump: Jump high into the air to extend flight time or avoid obstacles. The shockwave made on landing knocks down nearby rivals.


Aponi is the Chocobo for the Cosmo Canyon Region. Their stats are heavily focused on Acceleration, Cornering, Strength and Intelligence.

Skill - Hoverbird: Glide just above the ground to avoid rough terrain, traps, and out-of-bounds penalties.


Selena is the Chocobo for the Nibel Region. Their stats are heavily focused on Speed and Weight.

Skill - Chocobubble: Once the gauge is full, gain the ability to fire a watery blast that homes in on its target.


The Mecha-Chocobo is your reward for clearing the side quest "Ultimate Party Animal". It has preset stats, with less focus on Acceleration and Intelligence.

Skill - Birdserk: Become encased in electricity and run wild, during which pressing L1 unleashes electrical attacks on those in the vicinity. The gauge depletes faster upon using said attacks.

Chocobo Equipment

Chocobo Equipment can be found all across the game, as rewards for sidequests, Chocobo Races, and in exchange for Golden Plumes that you earn from taming Chocobos and restoring Rest Stops.


Shinra Avian Helmet

Skill - High Speed: Increase speed.

Scorpion Helmet

Skill - Giddyup: Increase acceleration.

Rodeo Hat

Skill - Heavyweight: Increase weight.

Treasure Hunter Visor

Skill - Quick Turn: Increase cornering.

Mystical Headdress

Skill - Leg Up: Increase Strength.

Saurian Helm

Skill - Smart Birdie: Increase Intelligence.

Debonair Hat

Skill - Inspired by Greatness: Dramatically increase all attributes when near the 1st-place chocobo.

Gi Headdress

Skill - Comeback Kid: Dramatically increase all attributes if placed 7th or lower heading into the final lap.

Hyperion's Helm

Skill - Strong Finish: Enhance all abilities upon entering the final lap.

Tropical Visor

Skill - Determination: Slightly increase speed for a few seconds after being passed.

Merc Cap

Skill - Mimicry: Randomly replace your current ability with a different one you possess.


Shinra Avian Breastplate

Skill - Life a Flash: Increase chance of dashing out of the gate and increase speed on success.

Scorpion Breastplate

Skill - Dash More: Increase number of dash charges by one.

Rodeo Poncho

Skill - Trump Card: Gains a dash charge upon entering the final lap, unless your charges are full.

Treasure Hunter Saddle

Skill - Head Start: Start races with part of the ability gauge filled.

Mystical Neckwrap

Skill - Victory Lap: Slightly increase speed if in 1st place heading into the final lap.

Saurian Armor

Skill - Back of the Pack: Slightly increase speed if placed 7th or lower.

Debonair Waistcoat

Skill - Timely Rescue: Lessen the time it takes moogles to rescue you from going out of bounds.

Gi Cloak

Skill - Damage Control: Lessen how much you slow down when damaged.

Hyperion's Armor

Skill - Final Push: Increase speed during the last lap.

Tropical Shawl

Skill - Curator: Increase the efficacy of items picked up.

Merc Overalls

Skill - Late Bloomer: Increase speed proportionate to distance from the 1st-place chocobo during the last lap.


Shinra Avian Greaves

Skill - Dash Faster: Increase dash speed.

Scorpion Greaves

Skill - Roughrider: Lessen how much you slow down when you leave the track.

Rodeo Legwraps

Skill - Master Drifter: Increase drift duration and speed.

Treasure Hunter Gaiters

Skill - Mountain Climber: Increase speed while running on inclines.

Mystical Anklets

Skill - Sprinter: Increase speed and acceleration on straightaways.

Saurian Greaves

Skill - Fish in Water: Lessen how much you slow down when running on water.

Debonair Anklets

Skill - End in Sight: Dramatically increase speed when you are about to finish a race.

Gi Legwraps

Skill - Dash Sooner: Start races with one dash already available.

Hyperion's Shin Guards

Skill - Dash Longer: Increase dash duration.

Tropical Anklets

Skill - Catch Up: Temporarily increase speed dramatically after recovering from going out of bounds or crashing.

Merc Legwraps

Skill - Panel Pro: Increase the effect of dash panels.

Where to get Chocobo Gear

The vast majority of Chocobo Gear is earned by spending Golden Plumes at Tack Shops across the world. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Debonair Set: The Deboniar Set are 1st-place awards for the last 3 Grade III Chocobo Races at the Gold Saucer
  • Hyperion Set: The Hyperion Set are 1st-place awards for the Grade II Chocobo Races at the Gold Saucer The Odin Straights, The Alexander Siege and The Phoenix Trial.
  • Tropical Set: The Tropical Set are included with Kyma when you buy her license.
  • Merc Set: The Merc Set is part of your reward for completing "The Hardest Sell" quest in Junon Region.
  • Gi Set: The Gi Set is also picked up elsewhere, but we lost track of where it was. Please bear with us as we confirm.

Chocobo Races

Once you've done your first Chocobo Race you'll unlock Grade III races; Grade II races won't unlock until Chapter 12, alongside the sidequest for the Rank 1 Chocobo Race, "Gold Cup or Bust" after you've completed, presumably, all other Chocobo-related Sidequests.

Grade III Races

Maiden Races

  • The Carbuncle Classic
    • 3x Potion
    • 50 GP
  • The Moogle Oaks
    • 5x Potion
    • 50 GP
  • The Cactuar Derby
    • 3x Hi-Potion
    • 60 GP

Bronze Races

  • The Bomb Blowout
    • 5x Hi-Potion
    • 60 GP
  • The Malboro Memorial
    • 3x Mega-Potion
    • 70 GP
  • The Tonberry Derby
    • 5x Mega-Potion
    • 80 GP
  • The Coeurl Championship
    • Debonair Hat
    • 90 GP

Silver Races

  • The Behemoth Grand Prix
    • Debonair Waistcoat
    • 120 GP
  • The Ultima Stakes
    • Deonbair Anklets
    • 130 GP

Grade II Races (Unlocked in Chapter 12, requires Silver Rank races unlocked)

Silver Races

  • The Ifrit Blaze
    • 1x Ether
    • 140 GP
  • The Shiva Icefields
    • 1x Hi-Ether
    • 150 GP

Gold Races

  • The Leviathan Riptide
    • 1x Dry Ether
    • 190 GP
  • The Ramuh Bolt
    • 1x Turbo Ether
    • 200 GP
  • The Titan Slam
    • 1x Hermes Shoes
    • 210 GP
  • The Kujata Stampede
    • 3x Dark Matter
    • 220 GP

Legend Races

  • The Odin Straights
    • 1x Hyperion’s Helm
    • 260 GP
  • The Alexander Siege
    • Hyperion’s Armor
    • 270 GP
  • The Phoenix Trial
    • Hyperion’s Shin Guards
    • 280 GP
  • The Bahamut Skirmish
    • Time Materia Earrings
    • 300 GP

Grade I Race (Requires Gold Cup or Bust sidequest, Gold Rank races unlocked)

  • Complete in three races, most points at the end is the Winner.
  • Winner Earns Chocoking’s Cape accessory.
  • 200 GP for First Place in successive wins (absolutely *not* worth it)

Rank Promotions

As you compete through the Races, you'll gradually rank up - unlocking even more Races to compete in. To unlock each rank, here's the requirements you'll have to fulfill in order to unlock each Jockey Rank.


  • Win 2 Maiden Races for Promotion


  • Win 3 Bronze Races for Promotion


  • Win 3 Silver Races for Promotion


  • Win 3 Gold Races for Promotion


  • Final Rank

Racing Tips

  • For some races, you'll be forced to ride through the water - but most times you can actually hug the wall to rush through the section without being bogged down. Just watch out for obstacles!
  • Your speed will max out after eating 10 Blue Fruit; but watch out! If you crash or bump into a wall or other Chocobo, your max speed will lower. Don't forget to replenish your fruit if need be!
  • Picking up Red Fruit while your skill is active will replenish the gauge. Try grabbing as many Red Fruits as you can when using Piko's Speed Burst!

With that; good luck at the races! Chocobo Racing is one of the most in-depth minigames in Rebirth, so have fun.