Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Card Carnival Solutions for Puzzles, Collection Challenges, and Skill Drills

A new card game sensation is sweeping the world in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and there's no shame in taking some time out from your world-saving quest to play some cards. Queen's Blood is a versatile game - and so as well as playing other players, you can partake in some head-scratching puzzles at Costa del Sol's Card Carnival mini game - with some great rewards on offer. Card Carnival and its three modes - Card PuzzlesCollection Challenges, and Skill Drills - are the subject of this here handy guide.

Card Carnival first unlocks when you reach Costa del Sol in Chapter 6 of FF7 Rebirth, and you'll actually have to take on a few of its easier Card Puzzles as a mandatory part of story progression. After that it's up to you if you continue to return here - but it's worth doing so, as completing each Card Darnival Puzzle unlocks new cards for use in the card game proper, as detailed in our Queen's Blood card list & unlock guide

The puzzles can be head-scratchers, requiring you to master the more advanced elements of QB that lead to powering up, debuffing, destroying, and replacing cards on the board. If you don't want to spend time figuring it all out, this guide lists all solutions for every card carnival puzzle, divided into handy sections.

Card Carnival is a twist on FF7 Rebirth's Queen's Blood card game - offering challenging single-player puzzles. We've got all the solutions to every stage, so you can nab all of the rewards.

FF7 Rebirth Card Carnival guide - Card Puzzle Solutions

The meat of the FF7 Rebirth Card Carnival mini game are these puzzling single-player games of Queen's Blood. The way they work is simple - there's no opponent, but the game starts with a pre-set number of cards on the board. You are given a set deck, and it's your job to figure out the exact placement of those cards required to win. We've got all of the Card Carnival Card Puzzle answers below. The puzzles are all named as follows:

Three-Card Stud (Easy Card Puzzles)

The solution to the 'Three Card Stud' Card Carnival puzzle in FF7 Rebirth.

QB Rank 1 required.

  1. Play Fleetwing in the lower right position that's available
  2. Then play Zu in the upper left
  3. Finally, play Quetzalcoatl in the center.

Reward: Card #023: Fleetwing

Go for Choco-Broke (Easy Card Puzzles)

The solution to Go For Choco Broke.

QB Rank 2 required.

  1. First, place Fat Chocobo in the lower left available slot
  2. Then drop Posh Chocobo into the lower right
  3. Finally, put Chocobo & Moogle in the lower center.

Reward: Card #109: Posh Chocobo

Mischief-Making Moogles (Easy Card Puzzles)

The answer to the Mischief Making Moogles Card Carnival Puzzle in FF7 Rebirth.

QB Rank 3 required.

  1. Start by placing Moogle Trio center left
  2. Moogle Mage lower spot
  3. Fleetwing center spot
  4. Moogle Bard upper left spot
  5. Grasslands Wolf lower left spot

Reward: Card #110: Moogle Trio, Companion Card for Cloud

Spears and Needles (Advanced Card Puzzles)

A screenshot showing the answer to the Spears and Needles Card Carnival Puzzle in FF7 Rebirth.

QB Rank 4 required.

  1. Spearhawk upper right
  2. Spearhawk just below it
  3. Cactuar upper center
  4. Querzalcoatl in lowest spot

Reward: Card #031: Spearhawk

Sea Devil by Night (Advanced Card Puzzles)

The solution to the Sea Devil By Night Card Carnival Puzzle.

QB Rank 5 required.

  1. Security Officer in lower center spot
  2. Sea Devil in middle center
  3. Sea Devil in lower left
  4. All Mandragora cards into either lower spot.

Reward: Card #032: Sea Devil

A Kingly Clash (Advanced Card Puzzles)

Use the Tonberries to take down the A Kingly Clash Card Carnival Challenge in FF7 Rebirth.

QB Rank 6 required.

  1. Zu in top center and bottom center positions
  2. Tonberry King in middle right
  3. Deathwheel in top left and bottom left
  4. Mindflayer in middle left.

Reward: Card #035: Tonberry King

One Shot, One Kill (Advanced Card Puzzles)

Unlock the Dyne card by using this solution to the Card Carnival Challenge One Shot, One Kill.

QB Rank 7 required.

  1. Bomb in upper and far right spot
  2. Scrutineye in lower right spot
  3. Bloatfloat in lower left spot
  4. Dyne in far left spot.

Reward: Card #119 Dyne

Curse of the Gi (Advanced Card Puzzles)

The Curse of the Gi card carnival challenge in FF7 Rebirth requires a mastery of buffing by destroying your own cards, as this puzzle solution demonstrates.

QB Rank 8 required.

  1. Sandhog Pie on middle left
  2. Desert Sahagin on upper right
  3. Jabberwock center right
  4. Crystalline crab lower right
  5. Riot trooper lower left
  6. Griffon lower left
  7. Gi Nattak on center right.

Reward: Card #123, Gi Nattak

Card Carnival Collection Challenge Solutions

The Collection Challenge missions unlock once you get to the tail end of the game, hitting Chapter 12 of the main story. Return to the Card Carnival Booth in Costa Del Sol to find these challenges - each of which unlocks a Queen's Blood card featuring one of the heroes of FF7 Rebirth. All of these challenges require a QB Rank of 4 to start.

Collector’s Card: Cloud

Unlock the Cloud card with this QB Card Carnival puzzle solution for FF7 Rebirth.
  1. Soldier Lower Left
  2. Cloud Left
  3. Sephiroth Right

Reward: Card #086: Cloud

Collector’s Card: Barret

To unlock the Barret QB card, you simply need to play this Collection Challenge mission at Card Carnival.
  1. Toxirat upper right
  2. Sandhog Pie lower right
  3. Bomb between them
  4. Insectoid Chimera on top of the bomb
  5. Barret in the center.

Reward: Card #087: Barret

Collector’s Card: Tifa

To get Tifa's QB card, play this Collection Challenge as pictured.
  1. Cactaur upper left
  2. Spearhawk on the second spot in the middle row
  3. Deathwheel just below the Spearhawk
  4. Tifa to the right of Spearhawk
  5. Griffon over the Deathwheel.

Reward: Card #088: Tifa

Collector’s Card: Aerith

Aerith's Queen's Blood card can be unlocked in FF7 Rebirth with this Collection Challenge solution.
  1. Aerith upper left
  2. Leviathan upper center
  3. Mandragora lower left
  4. Mandragora Minion upper left
  5. Adjudicator lower center.

Reward: Card #089: Aerith

Collector’s Card: Red XIII

Red XIII's card can be hard by completing this Card Carnival Challenge.
  • Sandhog Pie middle left
  • Stone Golem at the top
  • Stone golem on the middle right
  • Red XIII on lower right
  • Gi Specter on top of the Sandhog.

Reward: Card #090: Red XIII

Collector’s Card: Yuffie

Unlock Yuffie's card with this Card Carnival Collection Challenge puzzle answer.
  1. Skeeskee on upper left and lower left
  2. Spearhawk upper right
  3. Crystalline Crab lower right
  4. Bomb center right
  5. Yuffie on top of Bomb.

Reward: Card #091: Yuffie

Collector’s Card: Cait Sith

Cait Sith's card requires using some major buffs in this Card Carnival Challenge.
  1. Cait Sith upper left
  2. Moogle center left
  3. Space Ranger lower left
  4. Dio lower right
  5. Chocobo Jockey upper right
  6. Loveless in center right. 

Reward: Card #092: Cait Sith

Collector’s Card: Cid

Cid might not be playable in FF7 Rebirth, but his Queen's Blood card is, thanks to this Card Carnival puzzle solution.
  1. Cid lower left
  2. Tiny Bronco upper left
  3. Skywheel lower right
  4. Bomb far right
  5. Insectoid Chimera on top of Bomb.

Reward: Card #093: Cid

Collector’s Card: Vincent

Vincent's card for Queen's Blood in FF7 Rebirth is unlocked with this Card Carnival Puzzle Solution.
  1. Vincent center
  2. Black Bat above and below him
  3. Gallian Beast in center
  4. Rictus upper left.

Reward: Card #094: Vincent

FF7 Rebirth Card Carnival - Skill Drill Solutions

The Skill Drills don't have specific rewards, but they will help you to understand Queen's Blood and imrpove your skills.

Skill Drillls have no rewards, but they do get ticked off on the menu as you finish them, and they're a great way to help you understand a few of the finer points of Queen's Blood's mechanics. 

  • Power-Down Practice

Skill Drill: Power-Down Practice

QB Rank 3 required.

  1. Archdragon in lowest position
  2. Archdragon in position to the right
  3. Querzalcoatl in center row.

Skill Drill: Chain Reactions

QB Rank 4 Required.

  1. Amphidex lower right
  2. Gagighandi upper right
  3. Cactaur upper left.

Skill Drill: Major Power Outage

QB Rank 5 Required.

  1. Reapertail lower right
  2. Desert Sahagin upper right
  3. Jabberwock center right
  4. Rictus upper left.

Skill Drill: Back to Replace-ics

QB Rank 6 Required.

  1. Grandhorn over the Levrikon at the top
  2. Quetzalcoatl in the center
  3. Gigantoad over the Sandhog Pie at the bottom.

Skill Drill: Replacement Test

QB Rank 7 Required.

  1. Cactaur upper left
  2. Spearhawk center
  3. Griffon on top of the Bloatfloat.