Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Windmill Gear: How to gather the Quetzalcoatl Talon to transmute the Windmill Gear

One of the first especially tricky objectives that players will likely find in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is when they'll be tasked to Transmute the Windmill Gear for the side quest Where the Wind Blows - most of the materials that you'll need for it are simple enough to find, but one in particular will stand out. Where on earth do you get a Quetzalcoatl Talon? The answer is a little convoluted, but thankfully we've got all you need to know.

Classified Intel and You

World Intel is separated into a number of different categories, that being Remnawave Towers, Combat Assignments, Summon Crystals, and more. However, while the Quetzalcoatl will be listed under Combat Assignments once completed, it won't simply be waiting on the map for you to challenge. Instead, Classified Intel where players challenge a region's "Super Boss" require a bit of extra prep work before you'll be allowed to challenge them.

The secret with Classified Intel, including the Quetzalcoatl, is the idea that these enemies are so legendary that you'll first need to pinpoint their location by investigating the lifestream around the region. What this means is that you won't get them to spawn until you've investigated all of the region's Lifesprings, so that Chadley and MAI can pinpoint the monster's location. Once you've investigated every Lifespring, the location of the Quetzalcoatl will be marked on your map, at the location below.

Grassland Region Lifesprings

Since you'll need to pinpoint every Grassland Region Lifespring in order to challenge the Quetzalcoatl, and in turn complete "Where the Wind Blows", we've put together a list of every Lifespring in the Grasslands Region, and a screenshot of where to find it on the map.

Expedition Intel 1: Cragshade Lifespring

Expedition Intel 2: Wetlands Lifespring

Expedition Intel 3: Morass Lifespring

Expedition Intel 4: Grasswastes Lifespring

Expedition Intel 5: Mako Pipeline Lifespring

Expedition Intel 6: Cavern Lifespring

Crafting the Windmill Gear

Once you've challenged and defeated the Quetzalcoatl (here's a quick tip: it's weak to Ice!) you'll find yourself with a bloodied Quetzalcoatl Talon, which alongside the rest of the materials required can Transmute your Windmill Gear. Just to double check, the materials required for the Transmutation are as follows:

  • 1x Quetzalcoatl Talon
  • 2x Iron Ore
  • 1x Lea Titanium
  • 5x Beast Bone

As you can see, if you're gathering materials as you've been exploring the map to gather the Lifesprings, you should have more than enough of the rest of the materials to Transmute the Windmill Gear. Once you've gathered everything, you'll be ready to transmute a Windmill Gear for Broden's side quest. Happy hunting!