Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Cactuar Location List for the Cactuar Caper quest

Your adventure across the planet Gaia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has you taking on a lot of life-threatening tasks - and also some casual, fun distractions. One such mission involves a classic Final Fantasy character - the Cactuar Caper that you’ll take part in when visiting the sunny paradise that is Costa del Sol on the Corel coast. All you have to do is find Hidden Cactuars - how hard could it be?

Find the Hidden Cactuars with our Cactuar Locations List

This quest forms part of the main storyline, but it’s also an optional beat. When in Costa del Sol, you’ll gain control of Tifa and Aerith, who on a girls-only date get to experience some of the resort’s activities - and one is to find hidden Cactuars in order to net some useful rewards. 

As part of the quest, you get given a map of Costa del Sol that’s crudely marked with the Cactuar Locations. It’s up to you to decipher that map and cross-reference it with your in-game map - or you can just follow this guide, which will allow you to find the Cactuars very quickly indeed.

This map will help guide you to each of the hidden pink Cactuars in Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Finding the Cactuars is worth it as it gets you a companion card, which is used to unlock more swimwear for Tifa and Aerith - in this case, for Aerith. Your choice of swimsuit is one of the FF7 Rebirth choices that has an impact on your romance, relationship, and Gold Saucer date prospects - so it’s worth doing this and the other quests at this stage to get all of the outfits. 

This page will help you with that - as we list all 4 Cactuar locations for FF7 Rebirth's Cactuar Caper so you can speed through the quest nice and easy. Remember, you’re looking for Pink Cactuars - there are normally-colored red herrings all around town. These are the four you need:

Cactuar Location #1 - Cliffside

The first Cactuar location is on a cliff face.

For this Cactuar Location, you’ll want to head left from the entrance of town - up the side street that leads you to the Run Wild minigame. Just south-east of that mini-game, there’s a sharp corner in the street. 

From this location, look up - there’s a cliff face before you at that corner. The distinctive Pink Cactuar is on the cliffside; all you need to do is whip out your camera and take a photo. One down!

Cactuar Location #2 - Sunny Signs

The second hidden Cactuar location sees the pink beast hiding on a huge sign.

For the second Cactuar, you may as well continue on from the first, moving around Costa del Sol in a clockwise direction - so north from the first Cactuar, past the alleyway that leads to Johnny’s place, etcetera. You want to be in the top-right bit of town before the beach - at the thatched roof building that leads to the beach area.

Look up here and you’ll see a giant sign that says ‘SURF & SUNTAN’. On the left hand side of this sign is your second Pink Cactuar. Snap a photo and move on. Halfway there!

Cactuar Location #3 - Pierless Placement

The 3rd Cactuar Location is all at sea... just barely.

Continue in the clockwise direction we’ve set up - south from the second location, but only by a little bit. You’ll want to descend the steps down onto the wooden jetty - the same wooden pier that is where you find the Queen’s Blood cards shop and the Card Carnival mini game. There’s two piers heading out a little ways into the ocean here.

The northern of the two piers and you’ll find the Pink Cactuar hidden on the side of an object that’s just beyond the pier, in the sea. Use your camera to zoom in and grab a picture - we’re in the home stretch.

Cactuar Location #4 - Hydrant Hiding

The 4th and final Cactuar is ready if a fire breaks out... it's hiding on this hydrant.

The fourth and final Cactuar is back towards where you arrived in Costa del Sol, on the strip that leads back to the ship that you sailed over from Junon aboard. It’s not on the pier itself where the ship is parked, but on the stretch of paved land that leads from the docking area up to the town proper.

Keep an eye out for some children crouching and looking around - they’re on the same quest as you, and are onto the right idea. The Pink Cactuar you’re after is attached to the side of a red fire hydrant in this area - easily missed, but easy to snap a picture of once you find it.

Once you’ve snapped the fourth photo, you can return to the quest giver and pick up Aerith’s Companion Card - and your adventure continues. The beach awaits…