Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Outfits list: Every Costume & Outfit for All Party Members

While Cloud Strife and his companions all wear their own iconic looks throughout the majority of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, that doesn't mean there's no room in the game to dress down (or dress up) a bit. Throughout the story of FF7 Rebirth you'll see the party have several opportunities to put on new costumes and outfits - giving you a few options for customizable looks for all. This guide lists every outfit  in FF7 Rebirth, plus details how later in the game you can change back to them for combat and exploration.

That means that this page features previews of every outfit for every character, details on how to unlock every costume, and details on how you can wear those clothes after the point at which you're meant to be wearing them narratively has long passed.

SPOILERS! Because this guide discusses every outfit in FF7 Rebirth, and includes pictures and information on each costume, it naturally contains minor spoilers for in-game locations, chaper names, and the costumes themselves. Consider yourself warned.

FF7 Rebirth Outfits guide: How to Unlock All Costumes

Check out every outfit you can have Cloud and the party wear in FF7 Rebirth and where to unlock them.

The FF7 Rebirth outfit unlocks trigger at different points of the game for different characters - and then being able to use them all of the time comes a little after that.

  • Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Barret unlock a costume after completing the Junon section of FF7 Rebirth in Chapter 4. 
    • These are the military uniforms they wear for the parade, and Barret gets his sailor uniform.
    • All of these unlock automatically once they've been seen in the main story.
  • For Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa, two costumes each become available during your visit to Costa del Sol in Chapter 6. Yuffie also gets an outfit at this time.
    • This is the swimwear required for access to the beach resort, and you'll need to unlock at least one outfit for each character as part of the main story progression.
    • These outfits come in 'sets', and having Cloud's swimwear match with the girls' for the story scenes impacts your affection status with them, as detailed in our FF7 Rebirth Romance & Dating guide
      • Set one is Ocean Chocobo for Cloud, Floral Delight for Aerith, and Majestic Glamour for Tifa.
      • Set two is Wild Surf for Cloud, Pink Mermaid for Aerith, and Shining Spirit for Tifa.
    • Yuffie, meanwhile has a single beach outfit that unlocks automatically.
  • Yuffie unlocks a new outfit after concluding Chapter 8, getting her hands on the costume she wears during the Gold Saucer dance intro.
  • Red XIII and Cait Sith both have to wait until the post-game, unlocking access to their Loveless stage play outfits after finishing the main story. These outfit unlocks will cost Gold Saucer GP.

How to Wear Unlocked Outfits Everywhere

Wearing customizable outfits in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a simple matter of finishing the journey. Completing the main scenario will unlock the ability to wear custom outfits everywhere.

Also, after completing the Main Scenario, changing booths will appear at Chocobo Ranches in each region, giving Cloud and crew more opportunities to play dress-up.

All Outfits for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Cloud has several outfit options that you can don throughout FF7 Rebirth. Two of these are Costa del Sol swimwear getups, while one is earned from completing the Main Scenario in Junon:

Ex-SOLDIER: First Class

Cloud's default outfit, of course available from the start of the game.

Ocean Chocobo - A casual summer outfit

Cloud's Ocean Chocobo outfit in FF7 Rebirth.

Unlockable during the Chapter 6 quests in Costa del Sol; you'll need to earn credit in the mini-games and then swap it for this outfit.

Wild Surf - Beach trunks and flip-flops

Cloud's Wild Surf outfit in FF7 Rebirth.

An even more casual beachwear outfit, this can be unlocked during Chapter 6's Costa del Sol jaunt as part of the main story, or later if you choose to keep forging ahead at that time.

Midgar Infantry - A Shinra trooper uniform, sans helmet

Cloud's Midgar Infantry uniform in FF7 Rebirth.

A classic Shinra Military getup, as worn by Cloud when he commands the Seventh Infantry platoon in the Junon Presidential Parade. Unlocks after Chapter 4.

All Outfits for Tifa in FF7 Rebirth

Tifa's outfits other than her default look are divided between beachwear options and a Shinra outfit from Junon.

Pride of Seventh Heaven

The classic Tifa outfit.

Tifa's default outfit, which is naturally available from the very start of the game.

Majestic Glamour - A tied top and hot pants.

Tifa's first beach outfit in FF7 Rebirth.

The first of Tifa's beach outfits, which you can unlock by completing side quest tasks and spending the associated tokens during Aerith and Tifa's date around Costa del Sol in Chapter 6. Matches with Cloud's 'Ocean Chocobo' getup.

Shining Spirit - A frilled bikini.

Tifa's second beach outfit in FF7 Rebirth.

The second of Tifa's beach outfits. For affection, matches with Cloud's 'Wild Surf' outfit. Unlockable during Tifa & Aerith's girls' date in Costa del Sol in Chapter 6.

Midgar Infantry - A Shinra trooper uniform, sans helmet.

This Tifa outfit lets you keep her uniform from the Junon parade.

Tifa in disguise as Midgar Infantry; unlocks after the events of Chapter 4.

All Outfits for Aerith in FF7 Rebirth

Aerith packs a pair of beach outfit options in Chapter 6, and can also wear a Shinra military uniform.

Independent Florist

Aerith's default outfit in FF7 Rebirth.

Aerith's default outfit and iconic look, which goes unchanged from the previous game. Unlocked from the start, of course.

Floral Delight - A pink top and printed sarong.

Aerith's Floral Delight outfit in FF7 Rebirth.

Aerith's first beachwear option for the sunny shores of Costa del Sol. For affection bonus, pair this with Cloud's 'Ocean Chocobo' costume. Can be unlocked when playing as Aerith and Tifa in Costa del Sol in Chapter 6.

Pink Mermaid - A two-piece swimsuit.

Aerith's Pink Mermaid outfit.

Aerith's second beachwear option, which goes well with Cloud's 'Wild Surf' costume for a relationship boost. Unlock this during Tifa and Aerith's mini-game play date during Chapter 6.

Midgar Infantry - A Shinra trooper uniform, sans helmet.

Aerith's Shinra Military costume in FF7 Rebirth.

A military outfit for Aerith; unlocks after the completion of Chapter 4 of FF7 Remake.

All Outfits for Yuffie in FF7 Rebirth

Yuffie gets a single beachwear option for her time in Costa del Sol, while her other outfits unlock on entering Chapter 6 and entering Chapter 8.

World's Greatest Materia Hunter

Yuffie's classic outfit, her default in FF7 Rebirth.

Yuffie's default outfit. Unlocks from the moment she joins the party in FF7 Rebirth.

Summer Orange - Orange beach clothing.

Yuffie only has a single beach outfit for her time in Costa del Sol.

Yuffie gets access to this outfit from when you first have her join the party, as you'll already see her wearing it in Costa del Sol before she even joins the party. 

Moogle Hat & Cape

Yuffie's Moogle disguise returns in FF7 Rebirth.

Worn by Yuffie during Chapter 4 and 5, as well as during the FF7 Remake Intermission DLC, her Moogle overcoat is back in Rebirth, and is available once she joins the party.

Wutai Pop Star

Yuffie's idol-like outfit is unlocked after your first visit to the Gold Saucer.

This outfit actually unlocks automatically with story progression. Yuffie will wear this costume during events on the Gold Saucer during Chapter 8, and after that point it can be donned at changing rooms.

All Outfits for Barret in FF7 Rebirth

Barret has just one alternate outfit, his "swimwear" unlocked in Chapter 6.

Avalanche Cell Leader

Barret's default outfit as established in the last game, making a return here. Unlocked from the start of the game, of course.

Barret's default getup in FF7 Rebirth.

Junon Naval Crew

Barret's iconic navy uniform returns in FF7 Rebirth.

Worn in Chapter 5, and kept through Chapter 6. After this point, Barret gets to keep this costume if you want to put him back in it.

All Outfits for Red XIII in FF7 Rebirth

Red XIII is of course naked, being a canine... and so doesn't need beachwear to stride around Costa del Sol's environs. Instead, his new outfit comes courtesy of a certain famous play seen in Chapter 12.

Laboratory Escapee

Red XIII's default outfit, if you can even call it that.

Red XIII's default 'outfit', if you can even call it that. Unlocked from the start of the game.


Red XIII's Hellhound costume in FF7 Rebirth.


A custom fur color that makes Red XIII look like Garm, attendant to the Dragon King. This can only be unlocked in the post-game. After finishing FF7 Rebirth's main story, use chapter select to return to the Gold Saucer during Chapter 12 - here, you will be able to exchange GP for this costume in Event Square.

All Outfits for Cait Sith in FF7 Rebirth

While in a broad sense Cait Sith is an outfit to begin with, he does get a special option courtesy of Chapter 12.

Fortune-Teller Extraordinaire

Cait Sith's default outfit, worn when he first arrives and for the entirety of FF7 Rebirth's main story.

Court Jester

[image="FF7-Rebirth_Outfits_11.jpg" game="1918" alt="Cait Sith's Court Jester outfit, as featured in Loveless."][/image]

Cait Sith as he appears during the Loveless stage play in Chapter 12. To wear this outside of that special occasion, you'll need to complete the main story, then use chapter select to return to the Gold Saucer during Chapter 12. 

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