Dragon's Dogma 2 Vocations: Where to find and how to unlock all Vocations

While Dragon's Dogma 2 already has a decent set of Vocations that players and their Pawns can choose to use early on, there are quite a few that won't be available to the player at the start of the game. While some of them are rather easy to discover, others are trickier to unlock - thankfully, we've got you covered, and have the information to unlock every Vocation in the game.

Sorcerer and Warrior

You can think of these two as a combo deal; when you first reach the Vocations Guild in Vernworth, you'll be told that while normally you'd be able to unlock these Vocations, due to a lack of weapons you'll need to acquire you're own. Ask around town and you'll hear from a shopkeep that their shipment of weapons was intercepted by Goblins; a crucial clue to set you on the right track. One of the first jobs that Captain Brant gives players is Monster Culling, which tasks players with clearing out monsters from locations across Vermund - and it just so happens that one of those locations is Trevo Mine, which is where you'll find the weapons you seek.

Trevo Mine Vocation Locations

While you clear out the Mine, be sure to keep an eye out for these chests listed above; within you'll find the weapons necessary to acquire the Warrior and Sorcerer Vocations, which are equippable by both you and your Pawns. These are the earliest extra Vocations you'll be able to unlock, as well as the only that you can equip to Pawns.

Mystic Spearhand

This next one you'll also be able to acquire relatively early. After you've completed Monster Culling, return to Melve following the opening hours of the game to discover the village being assailed by a Blight Drake. Following the battle, pay close attention to the NPCs around where the fight took place; you might notice one that stands out. 

This Mystic Spearhand user is Sigurd; and although you might not have noticed it, he showed up in Melve in chase of the Blight Drake. Speaking with him after the dust has settled you can inquire about his weapon of choice, which in turn unlocks the ability for the Arisen to choose the Mystic Spearhand Vocation themselves. Unlike Sorcerer and Warrior, this Vocation is not usable by Pawns - as are the rest of the Vocations on this list.


The Trickster Vocation is a bit of a freebie; during the story quest Flickering Shadows you'll be tasked with seeking out the Oracle, Lux, at the Reverent Shrine east of the Enoa'Battahl Forest. Speaking with them you'll unlock the ability to use the Trickster Vocation. It's worth noting that although you won't gain access to Battahl normally until a decent chunk into the story, you can sneak your way across the border far earlier. You can either sneak a ride on an oxcart crossing the Checkpoint Rest Town, or take the mountain pass through the border by following the river west just north of the Checkpoint Rest Town.

Magick Archer

While there might be an earlier method of unlocking this Vocation, as far as we can tell players likely won't be able to access Magick Archer until near the end of the game, normally. This is because Magick Archer is unlocked by completing the Side Quest Put a Spring in Thy Step, which you'll unlock on Agamen Volcanic Island - which requires the player to reach the last few quests of the game, or to pass through Drabnir's Grotto in Southern Battahl - a treacherous dungeon fraught with danger, requiring careful preparation to tackle.

Put a Spring in Thy Step

Almost directly outside of Drabnir's Grotto, players will find Gautstafr the elderly Dwarf. He'll complain of his back, and you can offer some herbs to help allay the pain. We gifted him a Grandpetal, a Goldthistle and a Pitywort - which successfully continued the quest. He'll thank you, and offer a reward at his home nearby.

At his home, you'll discover exactly why he's so far from civilization - his wife is an Elf, Cliodnha! Despite the unusual pairing, she expresses distrust of you, while also concern for her husband's back. He'll suggest that he might head to the Agamen Volcanic Hotsprings, which are to the East. For obvious reasons, Gautstafr isn't exactly capable of making the trek on his own.

If you successfully can lead her husband to the hotsprings, Cliodnha will reveal that she kept an eye on you out of concern for her husband. She'll apologize for the deception, thank you for your kindness, and will give you access to both Magick Archer as well as the Martyr's Bolt Maister Skill. Gaustafr will also offer the ability to enhance your equipment with Dwarven Forging back at their home - the only way to do so outside of the postgame.


Much like Magick Archer, chances are that you won't be gaining access to Warfarer until the end of the game - as the NPC that can teach you it is located at the Agamen Volcanic Hotsprings. Lamand won't give it away immediately; speaking to him near where you'll have dropped Gautstafr off for Magick Archer, you'll only get a small hint for what you'll need to bring him when he comments on being out of Newt Liquer.

Acquiring Newt Liquer

To get him to gift the Warfarer Vocation, you'll need to find him some extra booze. You'll be able to do this two ways; you can craft Newt Liquer with Fruit Wine and a Saurian Tail, or you can make use of the black market dealer for the alcohol in Bakbattahl. For the latter you'll be able to do so by giving the signal that you're in the know outside of Higg's Tavern Stand, in the Northeast section of the city. Some NPCs nearby will be trying to recruit a Beastren into helping them acquire the Liquer - as the shop will only deal with Beastren who take one of the sandbags near the first floor entrance to the Taven, and drop it over the fence to a pen on the other side of the door.

If you aren't playing as a Beastren yourself, you can grab a Beastren Mask at Ibrahim's Scrap Store in the Checkpoint Rest Town; you might have already done so to get across the border in the first place. Once you've donned your fursuit you can give the signal and purchase all the Newt Liquer you need after a bouncer escorts you upstairs. Make sure to buy enough to have at least 4 bottles on hand.

Now for Lamand; we gifted him 1 bottle, and then 3, and that was enough for him to spill his story - and teach us the Warfarer Vocation, as well as his Rearmament Maister Skill. What an ordeal just to get access to this last Vocation!