Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to find Rodge in Prey for the Pack

When you make your way to the Checkpoint Rest Town in Dragon's Dogma 2, it's not hard to miss Morris' Pharmacy. He's smack dab in the middle of town, and will go out of his way to call out to you immediately. He frantically asks if you can look for his Grandson, Rodge. Rodge was out gather Blue Moonglow Flowers near town, and townsfolks say they saw him get dragged away by a pack of wolves. Things aren't looking good for little Rodge.

Finding Checkpoint Rest Town

But let's back up. If you're just starting the game and asking "How do I get to Checkpoint Rest Town" then fear not, we've prepared a view of the map so you can plot your course. You'll have to go west or northwest of the main city of Vernworth and keep going until you reach the town.

Once you get the quest from Morris, you'll be tasked to talk with residents until they give you an idea on where to go. The thing is, they won't give you an exact idea on where to go. Depending on how you got to town, you might remember an small area across a bridge with ruined buildings and some graves. This will be your first clue, but from here the game leaves it entirely up to you.

Note: This is a timed quest, but due to the nature of this game being so vague we aren't aware of how long you have to save Rodge. We know it's a few days, and I was personally able to stumble on this Wolve's den in time to save his life on just the beginning of the fifth in-game day of searching. If you'd like to wait around for the digital child to become wolf chow, by all means.

Finding Rodge The Putrid Cave

The wolves dragged him quite a ways away from town, and it's a miracle he can even be found in one piece. Your first clue is the flowers, and then a pack of wolves across the bridge to the north. You'll need to follow a trail of flowers across the bridge to the north, and then go east, then south until you stumble upon the Putrid Cave.

But if you're here for just a map location, we've got you covered. This should allow you to make a beeline for the boy and save him immediately, which might be for the best if you already have any other timed side quests active.

Once you make your way through the cave, Rodge will be at the end surrounded by a pack of wolves. They're pushovers, and if you've made it this far away from town you're likely to dispose of them with ease.

It's worth mentioning that Rodge did not appear in my game until the wolves were all slain, so if he hasn't shown up right away don't fret too much. If you've used this guide, you should be able to go save him on your first day too! You can also find him first to initiate the quest that way, leading to him taking you back to the village before you even go there!

Next you'll have to take him back to town, and we recommend avoiding any dangerous monsters with him. Get him back safe right away, and when you return to town the townsfolk will exclaim they're happy to see him safe. Take him back to Morris safe and sound, and your reward will beĀ 11000G, 2x Miracle Roborant, and 4000XP.