Dragon’s Dogma II: Saint of the Slums quest guide

The quests of Dragon’s Dogma II are surprisingly varied - sometimes you’ll be slaying monsters, exploring, or resolving disputes. Other times, you’ll be playing detective - which is the case in the challenging quest Saint of the Slums

You’ll first be able to receive the DD2 Saint of the Slums quest in the slums area of Vernworth, the capital of Vermund. Outside the church-turned-hospital that is central to the area, you’ll find Elena - who when you first see her in relation to the quest will be fighting with the parents of a sick young Beastren in her care. Elena needs help, while others suspect foul play – and we’re here to explain how to unravel the mystery.

Saint of the Slums guide: Gathering Miasmite 

Elena is the titular Saint of the Slums of this unique Dragon’s Dogma 2 quest - but what you’re tasked with, as Arisen, is finding out exactly how saintly she really is. First of all, that involves doing some of her bidding.

At first, Elena requests three Miasmite, which is a unique item that only drops from ghostly enemies that are found at night. We recommend heading to the north-eastern exit of Vernworth and using the Oxcart rest bench to wait it out until the sun is down. Then, head out into the lands directly outside the city. 

A good route to run is to follow the main road from the north-eastern exit of Vernworth north, then west and back around to where it rejoins the north-western exit of the city. Along this route, at night, you’ll encounter several of the blue phantasm type enemies that drop Miasmite. Remember that these enemies are resistant to raw physical attacks - so you'll need enchanted weapons or magic to effectively take them down. 

Apprehending the so-called Saint of the Slums will make Vernworth a safer place in Dragon's Dogma 2. This guide helps you unravel their schemes.

When you have three Misamite return to Elena to deliver them, and then accept the tour of The Gracious Hand, the church-like hospital of the slums. While in there, talk to Lubomir - the sick son whose parents you saw fighting with Elena earlier.

Investigate the Basement Sickroom for Evidence

The main room of the Gracious Hand has two side rooms to the left and right - one of them is just a small storage room, while the other has stairs that lead downstairs to an extensive basement. Down here is the Basement Sickroom - though if you attempt to visit it during the day to satisfy Lubomir’s curiosity, you’ll either find it locked or under Elena’s direct guard. Furthermore, if you happen to make it into the room by following Elena in when she enters, she will become aggressive towards you - so don’t do that.

Instead, return to the Gracious Hand at night time. The nearest place to pass the time is Walter’s Tavern, which is just to the north further into the slums. At night, the door is unlocked and unguarded, as Elena disappears elsewhere.

Within the Basement Sickroom, head down deep into the basement, through a room with sick patients to a small 'office' style room that has a pretty wretched vibe. Nothing good can happen in an office that also features a bucket of blood as a piece of decor.

In this room, search around to find two pieces of Evidence: Records of Treatment (on the bookshelf) and Unlabeled Medicine (from the main desk)

Gathering Witnesses - Bruno, Jehan, and Radcliff

With both pieces of evidence in hand, return to Lubomir and show him what you’ve found. He then tasks you with speaking to three different people about what happened.

First there’s two former patients of Elena’s, mentioned in the Records of Treatment you found. Second, you’ll want to get that strange medicine analyzed by a legit doctor. 

Former Patients and a Meeting

First of all, let’s head back to Walter’s Tavern, the same place we suggested you wait out until night time earlier. If you passed time somewhere else, you can find this open-air tavern not far from the Gracious Hand in the slums.

There, two people rest around the fire - Bruno and Jehan. Speak to both men in turn to learn more about Elena and her healing techniques.

Assuming it’s still night time, follow the checkpoint on the map to the Common Quarter of Vernworth. Here, you’ll be able to catch Elena mid-meeting and witness her discussing with a mysterious individual. 

If Elena isn’t in the marked spot, you may have missed the time of day she’s there and will need to return another Dragon’s Dogma 2 in-game day by waiting nearby for the next night. After the meeting, you’ve seen all you need to on this thread.

Doctor Radcliff of Checkpoint Rest Town

Next, you’ll need to take yourself to the Checkpoint Rest Town, one of the smaller settlements featured in DD2. The quickest way to get here from Vernworth is to board the Oxcart from the North-Western exit of Vermund. The Doctor is in the north of the town.

Deliver the medicine to the doctor, Radcliff. He asks you to wait until later; there’s several benches and an inn within the checkpoint town, so as long as you don’t have any timed quests on, you can wait it out easily. Returning to Radcliff, he reveals that the medicine is sinister, as suspected.

How to Apprehend Elena, The ‘Saint’ of the Slums

With all the evidence you have, return to the slums and to the Gracious Hand… but once a day has passed you’ll find Lubomir is gone, taken down to the Basement Treatment room, which we now know is deadly. The room will be locked in the day and guarded by Elena at night. Visit at night. 

Go down to the door where Elena stands guard… and tackle her with the R2 button. Much like with apprehending The Arisen’s Shadow, this is enough to initiate an arrest.

You’ll then be spawned at the entrance to the Vermund Jail, and receive an award off the city guard for discovering Elena’s crimes and apprehending her. Your reward for apprehending the Saint of the Slums is 11,000 Gold and 1600 XP.

Unfortunately, some time after the quest, if you revisit The Gracious Hand it’s revealed that our intervention came too late for Lubomir, who still passes away. We don’t know if doing the quest even more quickly will help with the outcome - but it seems unlikely, as this isn’t a timed quest. Elena will remain in the jail, where if you can sneak inside you can talk to her about what she did - or even bust her out, if you wish.