Dragon's Dogma 2 Hunt for the Jadeite Orb quest guide: How to get a Jadeite Orb for both Everard and Offulve

When you reach the Checkpoint Rest Town in Dragon's Dogma 2, one of the quests you'll encounter is Hunt for the Jadeite Orb. You have two NPCs asking for you to get your hands on the same item for them - the titular Jadeite Orb. With two duelling people after the same thing, this becomes a quest about making a difficult choice - Who should you give the Jadeite Orb to - Everard or Offulve?

If you know your way around DD2's systems, there's actually a way to cheat at this task and get your hands on two Jadeite Orbs - thus pleasing everyone. This guide is here to take you through the quest - and explain how to get the best possible outcome.

The solution you're looking for in the Hunt for the Jadeite Orb is, of course, Item Forgeries. Those of you who played the original Dragon's Dogma might well be familiar with this concept and system - while for newcomers joining the series with Dragon's Dogma 2, this Jadeite Orb fiasco actually serves as something of a tutorial for the system. 

DD2 Jadeite Orb hunting: where to find the orb, and how to craft a second

As previously mentioned, the Hunt for the Jadeite Orb quest will pop when you first reach the Checkpoint Rest Town. There, a merchant NPC named Offulve will ask you to retrieve a Jadeite Orb for him. Shortly after this request, a second NPC named Everard also asks for the same item.

The Jadeite Orb can be found at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in the Checkpoint Rest Town. You can use the map to find it, but to get there you can basically follow the town's main 'high street' from where you access shops, the vocation guild, and inn - and then turn right at the end of the high street. Given it's a shop up to illegal activities, it's hidden off on a side street. 

Ibrahim is selling the Jadeite Orb for 7500 Gold. As a stolen item, it's ended up with him. You will find, in future, that if anything gets stolen from you, it'll also eventually end up here, able to be purchased back again for an exorbitant price. First step in this quest: buy the Jadeite Orb from Ibrahim.

While he does have a few items to buy normally, this shop is also colloquially called the Forgery Shop, and you should keep that in mind. Here, you can create a forgery for almost any item, for a price.

It's not relevant to this quest specifically, but not that while some forgeries work exactly like their original incarnation, some are just copies without the same properties, like Portcrystals, for instance.

So, first of all, buy the Jadeite Orb from the shop. Then, ask the shopkeeper Ibrahim to create a forgery of it. The Forged Jadeite Orb will cost you another 2000 Gold.

Forgeries take a day to complete, so find the nearest bench and doze off for a while, then head back and pick up your shiny new fake Jadeite Orb.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Giving the Jadeite to Everard and Offulve

After you create the Forgery, note that you can choose to give it to either Everard or Offulve.

If you give the fake Jadeite to Everard - make sure that you have over 12,000 Gold before you do so. Everard will want to check if the Jadeite Orb is real - and of course, if you've given him the forgery, it isn't. Where does he go to check this? Back to Ibrahim at the Scrap Shop! Who definitely knows it's fake. Doh.

He forces you to accompany him, drop off the fake jadeite, and then leave momentarily. During this time, talk to the clerk and bribe him a bunch of money (about 12,000G), so that he calls the gem real (even though it is not). If you leave this area at all during this time, Everard will instantly find out you have him a fake. Don't worry about your cash - you'll gain the money back as a reward for the end of the quest.

Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in Checkpoint Rest Town, A.K.A. the Forgery Shop.

If you don’t (or can’t) pay the forger to tell him it’s real, Everard will eventually find out it’s fake, will be mad, and it’ll be a bad outcome. In any case, once he is happy with the appraisal, Everard gives you 12,000 Gold & you also get the Ring of Skullduggery (boosts backattacks). You'll also get 1000XP. After this, you can go ahead and give the real Jadeite to Offulve, back near the entrance to the Rest Town. Doing this gives you an Elite Camping Kit, 3000 Gold, and 1000XP.

You can also choose to hand the fake to Offulve, who won't be able to tell the difference. Once you hand the real Orb to Everard, he'll still check with the Scrap Shop to verify the orb is genuine, but this time you'll not have to bribe anyone. You'll still receive 12,000 Gold and the Ring of Skullduggery.

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