Dragon's Dogma 2 - What to do in A Beggar’s Tale and should you give the Beggar's Garb to Hilda or Celina?

One of the earliest quests in Dragon's Dogma 2 that you'll run into in the city of Vernworth is A Beggar's Tale, which involves a beggar named Albert at the fountain square. He spends some time shouting about a Sphinx, and you can even give him small amounts of money if you want. 

However, other citizens, including other Vernworth beggars, seem shocked that Albert is doing well for himself despite his status. You'll get a quest to investigate the beggar.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Following Beggar Albert around Vernworth

First of all, we don't believe you have to give Albert any money, but feel free to give him 100 coins just in case.

The first step of the quest involves a lot of waiting around. Albert will spend most of the day at the fountain. Wait here for quite some time (several minutes), and he'll eventually leave and make his way to the slums section of the city, specifically at Walter's Tavern. 

By the way, you don't need to worry about being seen or anything like that, this isn't a tailing mission. Albert doesn't seem to mind or notice that you are following him around.

Now, at Walter's Tavern, you have to wait more. Albert will talk with Celina, a female beastren who also hangs out at the tavern - keep her in mind for later. After spending some time at the tavern (another several minutes of waiting), Albert will once again leave and head to an unmarked house at the south end of the common district in Vernworth.

If you somehow lose track of him, we marked the door he goes into in the map image below.

If you somehow lose track of Albert, he heads here after spending time at Walter’s Tavern in the slums.

He'll head into a door, and lock it behind him. What do you do at this point? That's right, you wait some more. Eventually, Albert will leave the building, but in new, noble clothes. It looks like our 'beggar' is actually a well-off nobleman just scamming the popular for cheap change, instead of actually working.

Go inside the room he left, and look at the ground to pick up the Beggar's Garb.

After picking up the Garb, you may not need to do this, but if you follow Albert at this point, you'll end up at the Baldwin Estate in the noble district. You can meet Hilda here, Albert's wife, who you should keep in mind for later.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - A Beggars Tale Who to give the Beggars Garb to Celina or Hilda

Now, you have three choices of what to do with the Beggar's Garb. You can give it to Hilda or you can give it to Celina. You actually have an unmarked third choice in that you can give it back to Albert himself.

Option 1: Give to Albert

This seems to be a more moderate and relatively uneventful ending to the quest. Albert will give you 5000G immediately as a bribe to stay quiet. You'll also get 900 EXP.

Option 2: Give to Hilda

If you go to the Baldwin Estate and give the garb to Hilda, she’ll ask you to come back in a few days. Do that, and Albert will apparently have gone back to his normal working ways. You'll also get 3x Onyx (rare gems you can sell or use in some equipment upgrading), as well as 900 EXP. This seems like the most proper ending to the quest.

Option 3: Give to Celina

Similar to Hilda, you can give the garb to Celina at Walter's Tavern. She’ll ask you to come back in a few days. This ending is the most Shakespearean tragic, in that you'll find that Celina kills herself and Albert. You'll get a Noonbloom Flower (which is not that valuable), 3000G, and 900 EXP.