Dragon's Dogma 2 - The Sorceror's Appraisal and Spellbound, where to find the Grimoires

One of the earliest quests you can get in Dragon's Dogma 2 is one called Spellbound. You obtain this from Trysha in a place on Eini's Home far north of Melve.

Here, you'll meet Trysha, a girl who wants to learn magic. She asks the Arisen to find five Grimoires for her and return. Where do you find these Grimiores? Hold on just a second, there's another quest you'll find later that's intrinsically linked to this one.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Spellbound and The Sorceror's Appraisal

Trysha at Eini's Home wants you to find five Grimoires for her.

Later in the game, at the Checkpoint Rest Town, you'll find Myrddin. He is Trysha's father, and he will also ask you to find the same five Grimoires for him in a different quest called The Sorceror's Appraisal. However, in order to talk to Myrrdin, you need to dress the part. Equip a Courtly Tunic and Courtly Breeches, which you should have plenty of by this point in the game. If not, explore some of the noble district houses in Vernworth and you'll find some. 

The short of it is this. Both Myrddin and Trysha want the same five Grimoires. Trysha wants to learn magic, but Myrddin specifically wants to prevent this. So, can you give Grimoires to both characters?

Myrddin at Checkpoint Rest Town also wants you to find five Grimoires for him.

The answer is yes, you can solve both quests, and you do this through Forgery. You should be introduced to Forgery through another quest in the Checkpoint Rest Town - check out our Dragon's Dogma 2 Jadeite Orb quest guide for more details. Grimoire forgeries are 6000G each, and there are five Grimoires in total, so you'll need 30,000G to get a full forged set.

Now, the thing is that the Grimoire forgeries do not have any real magical value, meaning those are useless to Trysha. That means, in short, go ahead and give Myrddin the forged grimoires and give Trysha the real ones.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Grimoire Locations

All that being said, now we need to find the Grimoires. Here they are:

  • Let There Be Light - This is actually in Myddrin's own home in Checkpoint Rest Town, on the upper floor
  • Fulminous Shield - You can buy this from the wandering merchant in Melve, and a few other places.
  • Nation’s Death Knell - This is found in a special chest in Waterfall Cave, which is in the north-most section of the map. However, note this cave is pretty dangerous, with both a Wight and a Chimera, so make sure you are prepared. A copy can also be found at the Ancient Battleground, near the bell tower that you head to during the quest Tolled To Rest.
  • Howling Blizzard - This is actually found in the exact same chest at Nation's Death Knell. Two for one! You can also trade a copy of Fulminous Shield (or a Forgery) to Wendy in Nameless Village. 
  • Towering Earth - You get this one from the Magistrate after sending him to the underground archive in the slums. Check out our Dragon's Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate guide for more details.
Waterfall Cave has two of the five Grimoires that you seek.

Once you get all the books, remember to make a forgery of each. Give the forgeries to Myrddin; you can tell which ones these are by the slightly altered name. You'll finish The Sorceror's Appraisal and get the rewards for the quest: Myrddin’s Chronicle - a Maister skill that teaches Sorcerers the skill Maelstrom - plus an Ares Morpho Coat, 11000G, and 2100EXP

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Fighting Trysha in Spellbound Quest

Head back to Trysha to give her the real Grimoires. Return a day later (you can sleep at the campsite nearby) and she’ll be losing control of her newfound magic. Don’t attack her, just let her use up her magic. Eventually, you’ll see her stop casting and slump over. Tackle her with the right trigger button.

After things settle down, return the next day for your rewards: 3000G, Cast Stone wand, Conjurer’s Jotting Maister Skill (from Trysha, teaches Meteron to Sorcerors),  Enchanter’s Almanac Maister Skill (from Eini, teaches Celestial Paean to Mages)

So, all that said and done, you'll have three(!) new Maister Skills. Great job!