Dragon's Dogma 2 Elf Translation - How to permanently translate Elvish text in the Sacred Arbor

One of the brand new additions to Dragon's Dogma 2 are elves; and if players stumbled into the Sacred Arbor without a guide who could translate for them, chances are you'll have found yourself quite confused. All of game's text - dialogue and menu alike - have been replaced by elvish runes! While you can guess your way through menus well enough, if players want to understand what the elves are actually saying you'll need the help of a translator. During the course of the Gift of the Bow side quest chain players will have Glyndwr to translate for them; but upon completion you'll be on your own once again. So how do you find a more permanent solution for your translation needs?

Acquiring the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome

Thankfully, players can teach their pawns a specialization that will allow them to translate Elvish - and it's actually not as complicated a task as you might expect. The answer lies in the Inn; and the Elf woman who manages both the Inn and Vocations Guild for the Sacred Arbor.

This NPC will give you the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome, once you've increased your affinity with them high enough. If you've not already noticed, players can give NPCs gifts - and the trick for getting her affinity up is to gift her enough items until she hands over the tome.

The best course of action is twofold; so as to avoid wasting items as much as possible, we would recommend handing over Bunch of Flowers, which are fairly common rewards for maxing out character affinities, and that can also be crafted by combining a sunbloom and a moonbloom before either wilt. We recommend gifting her one at a time, then resting for a day at the bench outside the inn, to prevent overusing the items. Simply keep doing this, and eventually you'll be gifted the tome you seek in kind. Then it's only a matter of teaching it to your pawn - and you'll never have to worry about translating the elves again!