Dragon's Dogma 2 Off the Pilfered Path - How to release Hugo from jail and give him a job

As you enter the Battahl region of Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll probably have run into Hugo in the Checkpoint Rest Town, and you may have completed the quest Mercy Among Thieves, where you assist Bakbattahlian knights in raiding the hideout of the Coral Snake bandits.

Off the Pilfered Path is a follow-up to Mercy Among Thieves, which you should obtain in Battahl from a guard as you explore the city. Hugo is in jail, alongside another Coral Snake bandit named Brefft.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Getting Hugo Out of Jail

This seems to be the trickiest, and perhaps buggiest, part of the quest. We've seen reports of guards being hostile for no reason, or some dialogue not advancing as expected. You may want to make an Inn Save before you head to the Jail, just in case you realize you want to reload to try another tactic.

You want to get Hugo out of jail, and there are a few methods to doing this. You can try to bribe the guard, but in our testing, this never seemed to work, as the guard would simply tell us to wait longer.

If you talk to the other Coral Snake bandit in the jail (based on our research, his position may change depending on other quests), he should spill the beans about Hugo's upbringing and that Lanzo (the Coral Snake boss) is the one who killed Hugo's parents. This Coral Snake will also tell you about a new hideout for the Coral Snakes in the Ancient Battleground. Do not relay this information to Hugo, at least not yet. If you do, he may end up killing himself.

Head to the Ancient Battleground (which is north of the Checkpoint Rest Town, if you haven't been there yet), and you'll easily find Lanzo in the main structure of the area. Lanzo will attack immediately, so go ahead and kill him.

Once Lanzo is dead, *now* you can go ahead and tell Hugo the truth about his parents. He'll understandably be upset. Rest a day, and return to the jail, and you'll learn that Hugo escaped on his own, killing the other Coral Snake on the way out.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Getting Hugo a Job

Hugo will make his way to the Ancient Battleground - the same place you fought Lanzo. The reason we did not immediately tell Hugo about his parents, is that it is possible for Lanzo to kill Hugo if you waste too much time getting here.

Hugo will end up escaping and at the Ancient Battleground once you tell him the truth about his parents.

Hugo wants to put aside his pilfering ways with real employment. There are probably a few different options for this, but one we were able to give Hugo was as a guard at The Myrmecoleon bordelrie after completing the quest Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Your reward for helping out Hugo is 7000G, Frosted Edges, and a White-Leather Kerchief.