Dragon's Dogma 2 True Ending - How to access the Unmoored World

By far one of the best parts of Dragon's Dogma 2 is the True Ending path in the Unmoored World; but while the game might alude to its existence, and players might be able to discern how to access it on their own, there's no shame in needing a helping hand when seeking it out. Thankfully, it's pretty simple to access, and everything you'll need is provided as part of progressing the main story. Keep in mind that this article will contain spoilers of the main story and postgame narrative.

Accessing the Unmoored World

The secret to accessing the postgame comes in the form of the Empowered Godsbane Blade. This crystalized form of the wills of previous Arisen is the key to ending the cycle of eternal return, and will act as your key to the True Ending. However, the game doesn't outwardly mention when to use it; or even how exactly it's used.

When players arrive at the peak of Moonglint Tower, the Dragon will appear and offer to carry you to your ultimate battleground. En route to your destination, when the Dragon talks about your desire to end the cycle - and describing what might await - is your signal to act. Clamber over to the Dragon's chest, and open your inventory. Find the Empowered Godsbane Blade in your Implements, and Use it. Then, once it's in your character's hand - press the button to use it on yourself. After a number of scenes, you'll find yourself in the Unmoored World.

What is the Unmoored World?

The Unmoored World is a doomed world, which will eventually succumb to red clouds that threaten to erase existence. In this world, bodies of water no longer exist - and many new pathways are now accessible. Your goal is to guide all of the people of the world to the once submerged city in the center of the map, and defeat every Dragon found at a beam of red light before the world is fully engulfed. Since there is a time limit to consider, many more settlements now sport Portcrystals, and Ferrystones are far more abundant. It's a race against the clock as you try to save the world before it has been completely enveloped by the clouds. Do your best to save all you can, and put an end to this eternal tale!