Dragon's Dogma 2: Finding Malcolm in The Heel of History, and How this resolves The Caged Magistrate

As you go through the main story of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll find yourself unlocking the Caged Magistrate quest as you build your case on you being the real Risen in Vermund. This will lead you underground to the palace dungeons, where you’ll find Waldhar the magistrate in a cell. He won’t leave however without first having a place to go to with a large amount of tomes. From here the game won’t really direct you on where to go next, but have no worries! That’s where we come in.

Unlocking The Heel Of History

To find this place to quench Waldhar's thirst for knowledge, you’ll have to initiate the quest The Heel of History. To do this you’re going to want to go to the slums in eastern Vermund, and then speak with and old man named Kendrick. If he isn’t there, you might want to rest at an inn to reset the state of the world. You’re going to want to start by donating 1000 gold to him. I also gave him some food as well, one piece of it, but this is likely not required. 

Finding Malcolm

After this he will ask you to find a lost boy named Malcolm, giving you the advice to talk to the children the slums. There are three in particular you will need to speak with to advance the quest.

  1. Harvey, the boy with the Leon Kennedy like haircut.
  2. Rick, a boy out in a ruined building near the water.
  3. Aimee, a little girl in the church.

After this report back to Kendrick, who will have an idea on where to go. He’ll lead you= to the ruins of a tower, and then clear the path for you to proceed underground. This is a straightforward dungeon with no real monsters outside of some rats and bats. Make your way over a gap, or take the long way under ground, until you find Malcolm near the end. He’ll ask you to explore further, and do so until you come across the answer we’ve been searching for: A Library.

With this the Heel of History quest has completed, and your reward is 900 EXP, 3,000 G, Panacea, and a Ring of Conservation. We can now run back to finish off the Caged Magistrate quest. In my experience the location of Waldhar isn’t listed, but if you enter the Gaol from the Slums entrance he’ll be in the last cell on the left. You need to escort him, possibly under duress of every guard running at you if you forget your disguise. I picked him up and ran out, it worked great.

Once he’s free, you can return to Brant and Tell him of the Magistrate to finish the quest off. Your reward for the Caged Magistrate is 1200 EXP, 7000 G, and a Ferrystone. It's worth mentioning that you might want to make a forgery of the Gaol Key he gave you, so you'll be able to get in and out of Gaol cells for the rest of your time playing Dragon's Dogma 2.