Hawkeye confirmed as post-launch character for Marvel's Avengers

The second War Table livestream for Marvel's Avengers has confirmed Hawkeye as one of four post-launch characters following the game's release in September. 

Hawkeye was the main reveal for July's War Table stream, although he was only shown as part of a cinematic trailer confirming his appearance. Oddly enough, Hawkeye was  shown in the second slot for the four post-launch characters coming to the game, which means another character will likely precede him. You can see a concept image for Hawkeye below. 


Many details about the upcoming beta were also revealed during the live-stream. Players will get to play through the first campaign scenario shown in trailers, alongside two other single-player missions. The beta will also include a range of 20 missions, ranging from Warzone missions and HARM rooms, which acts like a horde mode, to Drop Zones which are shorter cooperative missions. 

The four playable characters during the beta will be Iron Man, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, leaving Thor and Captain America for the full game. Each of the heroes in the beta will have a limited progression system that is intended to give a taste of how things will work in the full release. 

You can view the full July live-stream and view a gallery from the reveal below. 

June Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE Stream