Final Mass Effect 2 DLC mission sees Shepard alone

A few more details regarding the final Mass Effect 2 downloadable content pack have got out today as various press outlets online reveal their thoughts from hands-on sessions with the DLC pack, including the fact that Shepard will be alone during these expansion missions.

"Shepard’s alone, through the whole thing, and that adds a layer of complexity," Producer Jesse Houston told Joystiq, when demoing the new DLC missions.

Other previews also revealed that the download, titled 'Arrival' will feature five seperate mission segments and stealth mechanics where Shepard can avoid combat entirely by sneaking past enemies.

It'll be made available as a download for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 owners of Mass Effect 2 this coming Tuesday, the 29th.

Four new screenshots were also released  - we've included them and the originally released six below. Remember you can find all the old Mass Effect 2 screenshots, videos and concept artwork over in the Media Vault - as well as that awesome Mass Effect 3 Trailer.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Screenshots
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