Xenoblade Battles its Way to Europe


For fans that have been waiting a long time in order to get any news on Monolith Soft's highly-revered Xenoblade for the Nintendo Wii will be thrilled to know that the wait is almost over. Nintendo UK has finally announced that the game will finally be making its way to Europe sometime this year.

Along with a shiny new trailer, the game will also be receiving a new title in Xenoblade Chronicles. I guess its to make the box art a little more cramped. Who knows?

From what I have seen of the game so far, watching some of my Japanese friends play it, it looks absolutely stunning, and features the Music Man himself Yasunori Mitsuda along with director Tetsuya Takahashi, who also directed Xenoblades (could you tell from the name?) and did a lot of design work for many of Square-Enix's classics in the 90's. Something I particularly enjoyed while watching this game was the smooth transition from town to field without any loading screens. You could even look back and see people walking around town while beating up the monsters. It's those types of details that make RPGs great, you know?

Anyway, check out the debut trailer below and let us know what you think! We hope to learn soon whether Xenoblade Chronicles will be arriving in America, but this is a great step in that direction.


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