Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam in November, End of Dragons expansion teaser

ArenaNet today held its eighth-anniversary stream for long-standing MMORPG Guild Wars 2, which looked back at the previous year of updates for the game and made a few key announcements about its future.

ArenaNet announced that Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam in November 2020, which includes the game's two expansions and Living World content. Players playing through Steam or the existing Guild Wars 2 launcher will be able to play together (though the NA and EU servers are separate), however, you cannot transfer accounts between the two launchers. So, the Steam release is largely geared towards new players.

Additionally, at the end of the stream, ArenaNet showcased a teaser trailer for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. This would be the third major expansion to the game, following 2015's Heart of Thorns and 2017's Path of Fire. In the trailer, we hear two voices talking about humans, mortality, and lifetimes. One of the voices belongs to Kuunavang, a dragon featured way back in Guild Wars: Factions, set in the game region of Cantha.

Check out the new teaser below. The official website is here.

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of Guild Wars 2, we have a special surprise for you! In the land of Cantha, ancient voices reflect on Tyria’s history—and its future. Be the first to know more: visit the official Guild Wars 2 website and sign up for our newsletter.