Dragon Age II sells 1 million, Bioware give away free copies of Mass Effect 2 to celebrate

Bioware's announced that Dragon Age II has broken through the 1 million copies barrier in less than two weeks - and has done so considerably faster than the original Dragon Age: Origins did.

To thank fans for their support, Bioware are offering everyone who bought the game new a free PC copy of Mass Effect 2. That's not a bad deal considering that Mass Effect 2 scored quite a bit higher than Dragon Age II in our RPG Site reviews.

In order to get your free copy of Mass Effect 2, you have to head over to Bioware's official Dragon Age II page and enter the one-time use online pass code you got with the new copy of the game. That'll then give you a Mass Efffect 2 code. While the copy of Mass Effect 2 is only available on the PC, any copy of Dragon Age II for any platform is eligable to get a free copy.

There's one small catch - Mass Effect 2 doesn't come with a Cerberus Network code, which means you'll miss out on some great free extra content for the game. You can still buy that seperately, though, and free is free! Head on over to the Dragon Age Site to nab your free copy.