Open-world strategy-action RPG Sands of Salzaar's English Language Update Launches on September 22

Publisher X.D. Network and developer Han-Squirrel Studio have announced that 'open-world strategy-action RPG' Sands of Salzaar will be available in English via Steam Early Access on September 22. The game originally launched on the platform in January 2020, but only in simplified Chinese at the time.

Developed by the Chinese indie team at Han-Squirrel Studio, Sands of Salzaar seems to be a mix of large-scale action, real-time strategy, and RPG. The game promises 'epic battles, a fantastic story, and vast environments brought to life with unique hand-drawn visuals.'

Find a trailer, description, and screenshot/art sets below via X.D. Network.

This is a fantastical tale of an exotic land. The Old Empire which once ruled the desert has fallen, leaving various tribes to fight for control of their world. Little do they know of the seeds of darkness which grow in the shadows with each passing day...

Game Features

  • War & Strategy: Fight hostile forces, besiege their bases, explore perilous dungeons for loots and hunt wild beasts. In Sands of Salzaar, both large-scale battles and skirmishes are common. To equip yourself for war, you can recruit and train your troops, customize hero’s skills, manage your resources, and command your soldiers in real time to slay the foes.
  • Open-Desert Sandbox: Alongside the main storyline, you roam around the huge map and explore six vast regions of distinct landscapes, you can plot your own rise from a nobody to a conqueror setting everywhere on fire, a knight-errant, a bandit, or a shrewd merchant swimming in a vault of gold amassed from trading...
  • Every Time A New Adventure: With each playthrough, you become stronger and discover different questlines, using Legacy points to unlock bonus characters, abilities, and rare items.
  • Full Modding Support: There are hundreds of unique mods in the Workshop, allowing you to add a variety of perks in-game, explore maps of various themes, and encounter unexpected characters. The mod editor will also support multiplayer soon. You will be able to create diverse custom maps in multiplayer alongside official example maps.
Sands of Salzaar Screenshots
Sands of Salzaar Artwork