Sacred Fire is a psychological choice-driven RPG coming to Steam in 2021

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Poetic have announced that psychological RPG Sacred Fire will launch in 2021 for PC via Steam. The game is also planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future.

O riginally Kickstarted in 2017, Sacred Fire is set in a world inspired by ancient Caledonia, where you must fight back against an upcoming Roman invasion. In a community post on Steam, game author Andrej Vojtas discusses how he wants to capture the flow of a pen-and-paper role-playing session. This means less grinding/looting and more decision making.

Find a new trailer, description, and screenshot set below. The game also features Doug Cockle, voice of Geralt of Rivia, as you can hear in the trailer.

CREATE: Create the body and mind of your own hero. Will you be brave, vengeful or gifted but traumatized? Customize your appearance and traits that will determine your playstyle.

ROLE-PLAY: Enjoy the freedom of choice and interpretation to tell your own story. Track your progress through a nuanced story with no filler events, full of opportunities to use your wits to triumph.

FIGHT: Use psychological tactics in battles. Overcome fear, pain and anger to perform at your peak. Show skill, lethal determination or total control to unnerve your opponent.

STRATEGIZE: Resort to diplomacy in relationships to rise as a leader, gain allies and resolve conflicts peacefully. Compete with other story characters for respect, renown, wealth and followers.

DEVELOP: Expand your mind and overcome beliefs holding you back. Unlock motives, weakness and secrets of others. Will you use them to build or to destroy?

EXPLORE: Each of the three acts comes with real story branching. Playing as a male or female offers fresh surprises. Can you reach all 5 distinct endings and gain all 8 major achievements?

Sacred Fire Screenshots