A new Yakuza series title could be announced in just a few days

A new entry in the Yakuza series could be announced in just a few days - on September 27 as part of the festivities of Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, according to a report on a since-deleted tweet from one of the event's hosts.

The tweet, caught and cached by the fine folks at Gematsu, saw Japanese MC Ayana Tsubaki say that "The latest work in the Yakuza series" would finally be announced as part of a Sega live stream she's set to co-host on September 27. 

Previous descriptions of this stream teased that there'd be new information on the Yakuza series coming at this event, but it wasn't really clear if that'd include a new game given that the west is still waiting for a localized version of the seventh entry in the series, Yakuza: Like A Dragon. It's the first fully-fledged RPG in the Yakuza series, featuring turn-based combat. It arrives West on November 10 as an Xbox Series X & S launch title as well as a current-generation release.

Tsubaki has now deleted the offending tweet - but Gematsu still has the cached version. Check back in with us on September 27 to find out if her social media mistake was a full-on leak or not - or catch the live stream on the 27th over on Sega Japan's YouTube.