Pandora's Tower Media Vault Update


Sure, we still haven't found out whether or not Nintendo and Ganbarion will be bringing over this cool-looking action RPG to the West, but at least the two companies have felt the need to end their media embargo of the game by releasing some more screenshots and even some interesting cover art that goes against the norm by making it a black box.

Considering how dried up the Nintendo Wii lineup has become, along with the widespread media coverage about the new Wii 2 (or "Wii HD" as some have referred to it), the chances of this game being localized have become lower and lower.

Regardless, this should still definitely be a game that everyone who is even remotely interested in the JRPG genre should be taking a look at, for it looks to be pushing all the right buttons and may be worth an import at the very least. Of course, the same goes for titles like The Last Story and Xenoblade, but considering that PS2 games and Gamecube games were still being brought over late in the hardware cycle, such as Final Fantasy XII and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, so there's still hope!

Pandora's Tower will be released in Japan on May 26th. Enjoy the media below!

Pandora's Tower Gallery
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