Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital DLC will add Knuckles into the weapon list

Earlier this week, Koei Tecmo revealed the second out of three Nioh 2 DLC packs, titled Darkness in the Capital. One of the additions teased in the initial reveal was a new weapon type. Koei Tecmo has today confirmed that the new weapon type that will be added with this DLC is a pair of Hand Knuckles. 

You can watch the gameplay footage of the new Nioh 2 DLC on Koei Tecmo's TGS 2020 stream at the 6:46:45 mark. The player tested out the new Knuckles weapon type against yokai enemies that appeared on the stage, which culminated with a boss fight against Benkei. Equipping this new weapon allows the player character to unleash some martial arts.

The remaining details on the second DLC will be revealed at another livestream set to air on October 14, the day before the DLC launches worldwide. The male character at the right side of the DLC key art has been revealed to be Abe no Seimei, who will be voiced in Japanese by Kengo Kawanishi. However, the female character remains a mystery, and her identity will be revealed in the upcoming stream.


Nioh 2's Darkness in the Capital DLC will launch on October 15. The base game is already available for PlayStation 4 worldwide.