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Sakaguchi Talks Blue Dragon

As an RPG Site Famitsu is a major source of news for us - the only problem is it's sometimes a pain to translate. However, this news was well worth it.

In an interview with Famitsu, Hironobu Sakaguchi, one time creator of Final Fantasy and current head of Mistwalker talked about Blue Dragon, Microsoft's hope to break the Japanese Market.

Interestingly, it features a gameplay element very similar to Squaresoft's new Final Fantasy XII: Monsters will ally with each other or be enemies of oneanother. If you are fighting two monsters that are rivals, it will essentially be a three way battle - and one monster may ally with you, healing you and aiding you in order to slay the other.

Some monsters may be friendly and not attack at all, an idea which first appeared in the Sakaguchi-directed Final Fantasy IX. Aside from this, Sakaguchi also confirmed other classic RPG elements in the game - reading books to learn skills and information, learning clues to plot lines by talking to townsfolk, with a big focus on puzzles and mysteries outside of battle.

Famitsu currently rates the game at 90% complete, meaning it is on track for it's planned Japanese release date of December 7th. We'll bring you a full review closer to launch.

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