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Fable III PC heading to Steam as well as GFWL

Microsoft Game Studios have announced that the PC version of Fable III will be available in three different forms, offering players the same degree of choice they're afforded in gameplay.

Surprisingly, one of these forms is a download via Valve's digital distribution service Steam - the game will also be available through Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service as well as in regular stores on a disc.

The addition of a Steam version comes as something of a surprise as Microsoft has previously refused to place any of their games on Steam, which includes the PC versions of titles like Halo 1 and 2 and classic PC titles such as the Age of Empires series. Even Mass Effect, a game published by Microsoft on the Xbox, was published by EA on the PC.

Fable III could mark a sea-change for Microsoft's PC strategy, and it's a return to the PC for those who enjoyed the first game there.

Fans who preorder the game through Steam will get a free copy of Fable: The Lost Chapters, the 'directors cut' of the original Fable. Those who preorder and purchase on Steam will get their hands on the Rebel's Weapon and Tattoo pack - four weapons and five tattoo sets to customize your hero with.

Fable III PC alunches on May 20th, and it's available to preorder now. We're going to be running a very special Fable III competition here on RPG Site between now and them, so keep watching the site!

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