Demon's Souls gets a new gameplay trailer, screenshots, and details about tweaks made to the remake

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bluepoint Games have released a new gameplay trailer for the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon's Souls, showcasing the realm of Stonefang. Additionally, several outlets of gone live with previews and interviews about the game, including GameSpot, Polygon, Famitsu, etc.

In these previews, creative director Gavin Moore touches on many different components regarding the remake. In the Famitsu video preview - listed below - he emphasizes the need to maintain the original's version, while also stating that there are no new locations added to the game. New animations were created through motion capture, but every attempt was made to match the original game's cadence with each of the various weapons. He does note that some 'bugs and cheats' found in the original game have been removed.

Demon's Souls will also have two gameplay modes: a Cinematic Mode which runs the game with Native 4K resolution at 30 frames-per-second, and a Performance Mode that runs the game with Dynamic 4K Resolution at 60 frames-per-second. With the PlayStation 5's solid-state hard drive technology, Moore also notes that reloading after death will be much faster, and the game can load many more environmental effects and other details to bring the world to life.

A few other tidbits have also surfaced. In an interview with GameSpot, Moore mentions a new way to save and store characters in the remake. In an interview with Polygon, he mentions how player encumbrance will be slightly changed - for example, healing grass usage will be more limited. There are also various visual filters available to players, including one that makes the game look more like the original PlayStation 3 version, as well as a noir black-&-white filter. Also, there are no difficulty options.

Check out the new footage and screenshots below. Demon's Souls is a launch title for PlayStation 5, set to release on November 12 in North America & Japan, and a week later for Europe. You can find pre-order bonus and digital deluxe details here.

Gameplay Trailer #2

Famitsu Developer Walkthrough (English Commentary)

Demon's Souls Remake Screenshots