Demon's Souls remake shares first look at Character Creator and Photo Mode

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed the character creator for the Demon's Souls remake, alongside more details about the game's photo mode.

In a post on PlayStation Blog, Bluepoint Creative Director Gavin Moore dives into these two enhanced features found in the remake. The character creator has been expanded from the original game's, offering numerous options to ensure a satisfying variety for every player.


With this new character creator, you will be able to customize your appearance with up to 16 million permutations. We’ve added many more customization options than you’ll remember from the PS3 game, and also worked hard to ensure there is a satisfying variety possible for those who wish to tinker with every slider. Play as yourself, or who you want to be. 

As for the game's photo mode, you have control over several image options, such as a filter, sharpness, focus, blur, and more. The filters are also available outside of photo mode, for those who want to change the look of the game in action. And yes, you can remove your helmet in photos.


In Photo Mode, you can hide and show weapons and helmets, or even turn off the character entirely to capture that iconic scene. Or maybe you’d like to strike a pose or change expression for the ultimate selfie. Of course, you can change the camera settings, zoom in and out, add film grain, or blur out your friends (mean!).

By the way, all filters are also available outside of Photo Mode during ordinary gameplay, including one designed to tune brightness, contrast and color levels to closely resemble those of the original PS3 game, for those who may prefer that classic look.

Check out new screenshots below. Demon's Souls is a launch title for PlayStation 5, set to release on November 12 in North America & Japan, and a week later for Europe. You can find preview information and footage here, along with pre-order bonus and digital deluxe details here.

Demon's Souls Screenshots