Weep Before this Dark Souls Trailer

A new video has premiered for Dark Souls, the upcoming spiritual successor to our RPG of the Year for 2009 Demon Souls, showing off some of the different ways your character will become ridiculously incapacitated, which may leave you pretty damn weak to the stomach.

One only has to sit through a little bit past the halfway point where you realize that this game isn't letting up on any of the trademark spike in difficulty that made the former so infamous. You will be chopped, smashed, hurled, beaten, stomped on, and more, especially from monsters that more than octuple the size of your character in this montage of terror.

What may help you recover however is the fact that this game won't be coming out until October, so you have time to prepare to pad your walls for the amount of controller hurling and blood-curdling screams this game will likely induce.