New Risen 2 Screenshots Released

Deep Silver have just sent us over a bunch of new screenshots for Risen 2, the upcoming sequel to the cult hit Risen that's taking the Risen gameplay into a very different world.

Risen 2 moves away from the traditional high-fantasy RPG settings and merges it with the world of pirates on the high seas. The screenshot off enemies and battles, showing off how guns and swords will factor into the play as well as more traditional RPG special attacks.

The press release also notes that enemies have weak spots which can be exploited. "Giant crabs can for example be kicked in order to turn them on their back, rendering them helpless" - but we're pretty sure this game isn't a recreation of actual battles from Japanese History.

We've whacked the shots below and remember you can see the first trailer and the first few pieces of artwork from the game over in the Media Vault, too!

Risen 2 Screenshots
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