New Tales of Arise information promised to be released in 2021

Although there was still no new reveals for Tales of Arise at today's Tales Of 25th Anniversary Special Livestream, Bandai Namco's Yusuke Tomizawa expressed his desire to resume publishing new information for the upcoming console RPG in 2021.

Last June, producer Tomizawa announced that Tales of Arise was delayed to an unspecified date; partly due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also because the team wanted to further improve the game's quality and experience.

Tomizawa, who is now also in charge as the general producer of the Tales Of IP, was asked by the stream host about new information for "home console games"—which specifically refers to the delayed Arise. His full answer to the matter was transcribed by Famitsu, and we translated it as follows:

There's also the case that we cannot deliver new information on the new game for home consoles today. We did development in 2020 while various things happened, but it ended up becoming a whole year where we couldn't deliver information on new home console games, so I'd like to apologize to everyone once again at the end of this year.

To make up for that, I want to be able to release various information in 2021, so we are currently preparing them. The development is also proceeding very well, so I hope you can wait a little longer for more new information. I want to prepare a lot of amazing information that will greatly excite all Tales Of fans around the world.

In the sense of the 25th anniversary, I'd say today is the turning point as [the series] is now fully 25 years old. We decided to arrange everyone to celebrate 2 years in a row, as the remaining one year is the 25th anniversary year. And the first half will be nothing compared to the second half. I had to say at least that. I'm sorry I couldn't talk in much detail today, but we're preparing enjoyable expansions as much as how long everyone have been waiting for them, so please remember us well.


Tales of Arise was originally slated for a worldwide release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in 2020. The latest trailer for the upcoming new RPG to date was published at Tokyo Game Show 2019.