King Arthur: Knight's Tale's Early Access launch delayed to January 26

NeocoreGames has announced that the early access launch for tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight's Tale has been delayed to January 26. The game was previously set to launch today, January 12. The developer cites just 'a few bumps to iron out' as the rationale for the push back.

NeocoreGames' message can be found below. Much more information on King Arthur: Knight's Tale can be found in the earlier announcement. A full release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S is set to launch later this year.


In the past few weeks, we here at NeocoreGames have been working on delivering the Early Access version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale. We’re very nearly there. However, there are still a few bumps to iron out, and as a result we’ve taken the decision to push back the Early Access release of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale by a few days.

While we are aware that Early Access is called that name for a reason, we want to ensure everything is polished and bugs are squashed before you begin your adventure in Avalon, and we need to a little more time to do that.

The Early Access version of KING ARTHUR: KNIGHT'S TALE will now launch on Steam on January 26, 2021.