Wasteland 3 patch 1.3.0 fixes number bugs, achievement glitches, adds Tourist difficulty mode

InXile Entertainment has released patch 1.3.0 for Wasteland 3 for all platforms, which addresses multiple bugs & glitches alongside some small additions to the game.

Most notably, the patch adds a 'Tourist' difficulty mode, which is meant for those who want to breeze through combat and just experience the game's storyline. The patch also fixes two previously unobtainable achievements - Book Learnin’ and Answering Machine - as required collectable items could not be found within the game prior to the update. There are also new cosmetics featuring medieval-style wizard and knight outfits.

The patch notes for the update can be found on InXile's website, or shared down below.


Wasteland 3 Patch 1.3.0 “Robots & Rangers” Highlights

  • New difficulty mode: Tourist

Tourist mode is easier than Rookie, letting you enjoy Wasteland 3’s story, with combat difficulty taking a back seat.

  • New cosmetics!

New Hair, Beards, and Pants have been added to character creation.

The Handmade Wizard and Knight costumes will let you roleplay all your Robots & Rangers fantasies. Once players in have completed the quest 'Cornered Rats' they will find that a lootable crate has been delivered to Ranger HQ, outside of the base structure, near the transition waypoint that leads to Downtown Colorado Springs. Equip the costumes at the wardrobe in Ranger HQ or the clothing shop in Downtown Colorado Springs ... and attack the darkness!

  • Intelligence now gives +1 skill point for every point of Intelligence spent, up from +1 every other point.

This change applies retroactively to existing save games.

  • The Book Learnin’ and Answering Machine achievements are now achievable.

Note: The missing Book Learnin’ note becomes available after passing a Leadership skill check when first meeting the Patriarch and then speaking to Magistrate Silas Watkins in Downtown Colorado Springs.

The missing cassette tapes "Kidnappers in Trouble" is in the Gett Family Homestead in a new container. "A Proposal" is in the Machine Commune, just west of Vivisecto.

  • Resolved an animation stutter that appeared as a framerate drop while moving, and was particularly noticeable on the PlayStation 4.

  • More actions are now able to be bound to keyboard and mouse, most notably camera panning. The game will also unmap double-bound keys to prevent input conflicts, and warn you about missing keybinds before you leave the menu.


  • Rangers who have been downed should now be visible after transitioning to a new scene, as though you dragged their bloody corpse along with you. :D

  • An issue preventing some players from being able to proceed through the slides during the song at the end credits has been resolved.

  • Loading a save game where a Ranger was incapacitated will now keep them incapacitated, where before they would be in a selectable-but-unusable zombie-like state.

  • Fixed the issue that could cause a game over screen immediately upon loading a save game.

  • Fixed bugs that could prevent companions from joining the squad under certain conditions.

  • Ironclad Cordite now comes with the Cyborg Mods perk unlocked, because, duh.

  • Resolved a blocker in the Hard Knox Life quest where the Head Rancher would restart the quest rather than allow completion. We’re aware of some oddness that can still occur during this quest and are looking to clean it up in a future update.

  • Creepy Dolls have an extra info field in the Archive Screen now with creepy, creepy lore.

  • Fixed an issue with Poindexter quirk that could cause CON to go below 0.

  • You can now reselect the "No Quirk" option in the character creation screen. But… come on. They’re cool. Pick one.

  • Fixed a bug where creating more than 6 custom characters would prevent the player from scrolling down to the companions in the Manage Squad Screen.

  • Fixed softlock occuring after the last character with AP kills themselves.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an infinite enemy turn after declining La Perla’s mission and attacking her while she leaves.

  • Fixed an issue where re-adding Lucia Wesson could sometimes cause a black screen.

  • Resolved a softlock occurring when loading into Ranger HQ after sending Lucia to the Garden of the Gods.

  • Ditso Gogo now drops a Clown Wig Ornament.

  • Grenade boxes in Yuma are reachable now.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Minesweeper perk from working with gas mines.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Heavy Machine Guns to ignore the Friendly Fire setting. Fire through your friends with gusto.

  • Note: Deliberately targeting a friendly when you attack will always cause damage, regardless of Friendly Fire setting. Shoot responsibly.

  • The Call to Action mission can no longer be completed multiple times.

  • Revive AP cost shown in the prompt is now consistent with its actual value.

  • Mechanics skill shows the correct Repair Kit effectiveness value at level 5.

  • Fixed an issue where the first Ranger in the squad would always attempt to use Charm Animal, even if you had a higher-skilled character.

  • Fixed a frw typos.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Pyromaniac quirk was triggering when any elemental damage was used, not just explosive and fire damage.

  • Fixed an issue where attacking Marshalls would appear to add reputation points in the pop up. This was a display issue only; they were properly subtracted from the reputation.

  • Prasad’s health bar will appear ‘injured’ during the damn fight, as she’s mere moments from her guts oozing nice like a melted malted.

  • The Prasad Memorial Hologram can no longer be targeted and killed for XP and loot. You monsters...

  • Players can no longer bypass the initial Cordite/Mechanic confrontation by retrieving him from Ranger HQ after entering Yuma County Speedway the first time, which would cause unintended issues later in the quest.

  • [Localization] In Polish, the Sadomasochist quirk now has correct extra text in its description.

  • Payasos in the Clown Museum scene now have visible bodies after reloading a save. Something, something, scary invisible clown joke. Whatever.

  • Fixed a bug in which the player could leave a conversation too early with Liberty Buchanan in Yuma County Speedway.

  • The Stormer Perk no longer consumes AP for an attack even if its trigger conditions have been met.


  • Intelligence now gives +1 skill point for every point of Intelligence spent, up from +1 every other point.

  • “We want smart characters to FEEL smarter. We weren’t satisfied with how intelligence related to your character’s build. Also, given our recent nerf to the crit chance that intelligence granted, we wanted to give it a little boost.”

  • We’ve updated how the Suncatcher works in Garden of the Gods. Rather than doing tons of impact damage directly to targets, we’ve updated it to instead focus on spreading fire-patches around the battlefield.

  • “We weren’t happy with how much the sun-catcher trivialized that otherwise difficult fight in Garden of the Gods. We wanted taking the back route to feel like a distinct advantage, but still wanted the player to feel challenged.”

  • We’ve adjusted the Scar Collector fight in Ranger HQ to be more challenging. We’ve updated the enemy composition, as well as the number of NPC Rangers likely to be around during that fight.

  • “We found that players didn’t really need to participate in that fight to win it. The NPC Rangers would ultimately clean up that fight for you without any significant losses. We’ve shifted the power in the fight so that if the player does not actively stop the Scar Collectors then the Rangers will suffer significant losses. The fight should be more challenging overall.”

  • We’ve updated the duel vs. Steeltrap to be more interesting. We’ve updated the enemy’s starting position and composition to provide a more interesting set of choices, and Steeltrap no longer starts combat directly in front of the player’s squad.

  • We’ve increased the number of enemies in the final boss battles of the game.

  • If the only remaining enemies in a combat are either hacked robots or tamed animals, the robots will automatically self-destruct and the animals will flee from combat. No more being forced to murder your temporary allies!

  • We fixed that Meat Maker weapon damage exploit. You knew it was going to happen eventually.

  • Doctors no longer cure mutations gained from World Map radiation. They can now only be cleared using No-Glo. This is so players are better able to choose whether or not to remove their mutations.

  • The game launched with a bug that allowed you to change your Quick Slot items in the middle of combat. This update fixes that. It’s a decision that’s intended to be made before a fight breaks out.

  • We've updated several interior spaces to deal more appropriately with grenades. Grenades can no longer be thrown over walls (through the ceiling) in interior spaces like the Survivalist Bunker or the Sans Lux Apartments.

  • Shotguns no longer take Scope mods. If your save game had a Scope mod installed onto a Shotgun, it'll be put back into your inventory.

  • Non-hostile World Map encounters that give free loot, such as camp sites, are now less common.

UI & Controls

  • UI elements across the game have been polished, refined, and adjusted.

  • Main menu options will no longer be grayed out incorrectly. Note: this issue may still occur while in the Options sub-menu, which will be resolved in a future patch.

  • Ability tooltips now more accurately reflect the damage or healing that you will do, including benefits from skills such as First Aid and Explosives.

  • The game will now accurately display the percentage of CON damaged or healed by certain abilities inside of ability tooltips.

  • Holding down right click with your mouse to direct your squad will now have the camera follow them around. As god intended.

  • The edge scrolling speed (moving your mouse to the edge of the screen) is now the same value as the speed at which the camera moves using the keyboard. They can be adjusted in the options menu.

  • Junk and mission items, by default, are now hidden in the default All Items view of the Inventory. They're still viewable in the Junk and Mission Items tabs. This was done to reduce the clutter on the main Inventory view. If you prefer the old behavior, you can change it back in the Options Menu.

  • When shopping for stackable items (such as ammo) at a merchant, the UI will now display how many of that item you already own.

  • Recruiting and replacing a squad member will now correctly update portrait and tooltip in Inventory and Attributes tabs.

  • Alt-tabbing out of the opening cutscene with subtitles enabled no longer causes them to desynchronize.

  • Friendly Fire damage text will no longer appear when crouching, defending, prepping, or ambushing.

  • You can now appropriately drag and drop companions in the Hire Companion Screen.

  • A sound effect has been added that plays when you try to buy something that you cannot afford to help underscore that your life choices have all led to this single disappointing moment.

  • In the Vehicle Customization Screen, the scroll wheel will now properly scroll the info in the tooltip if it’s too long, rather than cycling to the next option in the list.

  • We fixed several bugs relating to dragging, dropping, and equipping gear on characters while in the Merchant Screen.

  • We've unified the tinting of our ability icons so they're more visually consistent.

  • An audio stinger was added to the combat turn start banner in co-op.

  • Players can now drag and drop items between their Quick Slots.

  • Added improved UI messaging for when the player tries to equip/unequip items during combat.

  • The save game name field is now selected by default so you can immediately start typing your game name without having to click on the text field.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use Select Character keys in the Merchant Screen by using keybinds.

  • Animal Companions and Followers such as the Provost now show their CON bars when hovering over them during exploration gameplay.

  • Fixed an issue with the secondary weapon preview not displaying in the Manage Squad Screen.

  • [Controller] Resolved a few objects and characters that couldn’t be easily interacted with when using a controller. E.g. the Slicer Dicer in Ranger HQ.

  • [Controller] Inspecting pits in Garden of the Gods will no longer result in ‘infinite’ interactions occurring.

  • [Controller] [Microsoft Store] The controller setting will now persist when closing and restarting the game.

  • [Controller] Rotating your camera while aiming an AoE weapon will no longer cause the AoE indicator to move.

  • [Controller] The crouch / stand button now grays out when not usable.

  • [Controller] Fixed some d-pad wonkiness when navigating between status effects and inventory.

  • [Controller] Fixed a bug in which gamepad users were able to attempt to buy the non-existent 11th point of a skill or attribute. Nice try, bucko.

  • [Controller] Status Effect descriptions will now appropriately disappear when players close the inspect window.


  • GOG players can once again invite each other to a co-op game using the Galaxy overlay.

  • Fixed an issue where a Merchant Screen would continue showing when disconnected from a multiplayer session.

  • Multiple people trying to join the same co-op lobby at the same time will no longer result in one of them being stuck on a black screen.

  • The Minimap will now be present for the guest when initially loading into a MP session

  • Fixed an odd bug where the host could in a rare instance be able to run the Kodiak around a zone like it was a squad member.

  • Fixed an issue where passing a Ranger to another user in the Manage Squad Screen would not allow that Ranger to be moved/removed from their squad until the screen was opened and closed again.

  • Fixed a UI issue where attempting to modify the same weapon/armor at the same time caused the UI to be partially unresponsive.

  • Fixed an issue where co-op players were sometimes not able to add companions to their squad even though they had room.


Art & Audio

  • Jarett Dorsey's brain will now explode even more spectacularly than before. Huzzah!

  • Strike attack effects have been changed to use a blue color palette, making them more visually consistent and distinctive.

  • The Golden Toaster companion has had its sound effects improved.

  • Added sound effects for when the player repairs the Kodiak using a Repair Kit.

  • Drools are now a bit noisier.

  • Torches in the Bizarre Warrens are a bit noiser.

  • Added additional sound effects to the Mission Notification Banner.

  • Improved the visual effect of the Flamesaw Cannon.

  • Ash is now easier to hear when he speaks to you over the intercom in Little Hell. Say it for the people in the back!

  • Ranger HQ now has sliding doors instead of swinging doors. Sliding doors are cooler.

  • Rocket launchers that deal cold damage now use a cold explosion visual effect.

  • Approaching a Scorpitron should no longer produce an ear melting effect that sounds like giant robots making sweet love to each other.


  • The Time Capsule Challenge contest has ended, and the note and badge have been removed and replaced with the winner-designed item.

  • GOG users can now unlock achievements while offline.