Fallout 76's Inventory Update increases player stash, added Pip-Boy Functions, and more

Bethesda has released an Inventory Update for Fallout 76, which brings a few much-requested changes to several of the game's loot and stash systems alongside more bug squashing.

The most splashy addition of the patch is a stash limit increase from 800 to 1200 pounds. Additionally, item organization has been smoothed over with some changes to item management through the Pip-Boy menu. Other UI changes have also been made to more easily discern item weight and find legendary items at play vending machines.

An explainer video and update highlights can be found below, or you can check out the full patch notes at the official website.

Stash Increase 
The Inventory Update addresses one of the most frequent requests from the community, highlighted by a whopping 50% increase to player Stash to a maximum of 1,200 pounds. Players can fill it up to their heart’s content with gear, Junk, and anything else they come across in the wasteland. 

Pip-Boy Updates 
The Inventory Update also includes UI improvements and updates to the Pip-Boy. Three new tabs are added to the Pip-Boy Inventory menu: “New,” “Armor,” and “Food/Drink.” 

  • New – This tab will keep track of all the items players gather during a play session, sorted by newest to oldest. 

  • Armor – Armor receives its own menu tab so that players can keep their gear separate from their other Apparel. 

  • Food/Drinks – Food and drinks are now split out from “Aid” into their own Pip-Boy Inventory tab. Chems and Serums will remain in “Aid.” 

Stack Weight 
From now on, when players select any stackable item in their inventory, its Item Details in the Pip-Boy will show how much total weight that stack is consuming. This change allows players to see quickly and easily what in their inventory is taking up significant carry weight. 

Vending Machine Map Previews 
The tooltip when previewing another player’s Vending Machines on the Map will now show the number of 1, 2, and 3-star legendary weapons and armor that player is selling. Additionally, it will no longer display any empty categories. 

Looking ahead, the return of the fan-favorite Fasnacht event and a new Valentine’s Day-themed event are set to arrive in February.