Empire of Ember is an action strategy RPG set to release for Steam Early Access in Summer 2021

Poleaxe Games has announced Empire of Ember, an action strategy RPG/RTS set to release for Steam Early Access in Summer 2021. The game features a first-person gameplay perspective, tactical control of hundreds of units, and a city-building component.

A gameplay trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below. The official website is here. Thanks to our friends at RPGamer for the heads up!

A secret enemy launches a surprise attack on your home, viciously murdering your wizard master and leaving your city in ruins. No longer an apprentice, you must take charge of a magical kingdom and rule as you see fit.


  • Use the environment to crush, trip, impale, or explode enemies.
  • Raise up fallen enemies and command the undead to fight on your behalf.
  • Fully destructible cities. Use catapults to fire from afar, or blast through the walls and lead your troops through the breach.
  • Lead your army in first person, in battles of up to a hundred units.
  • Tactics matter. Order your men to hold the line with a shield wall while archers rain death from above. Teleport behind enemy lines to wreak havoc.
  • Design, decorate, and defend your own fully destructible 3D city. Strategically place spawn points to rain fire from high towers while melee units defend the gates.
  • Integrated sharing. Download, destroy, and rate other players’ cities.
  • Make decisions that can change the story and lead to different game endings. Features a story written by Patrick Kevin Day, a former lead writer from Telltale Games.
  • Hold court and pass judgement on daily events in the lives of your subjects.
Empire of Ember