Diablo IV's Rogue class unveiled at BlizzCon Online

During BlizzCon Online 2021, Blizzard Entertainment announced the Rogue class for Diablo IV, who joins up with the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid that were unveiled alongside the title's official announcement back in 2019. The Rogue hasn't been in a Diablo game officially since the original game, though here it does draw on Diablo 2's Assassin and Diablo 3's Demon Hunter a bit, according to Game Director Luis Barriga.

The announcement is largely contained as a lengthy trailer, which starts out with a cinematic introduction followed by a gameplay montage. 

The Rogue is the newest addition to the Diablo IV campfire, combining range and melee attacks with incredible speed and mobility. Prepare to slaughter hordes of the damned with imbued weapons and specialized attacks.

Bliizzard also shared a Diablo IV: What's Next panel discussing news and updates for Diablo IV at length. Hosted by Barriga and Art Director John Mueller, the panel goes into detail about the new Rogue class alongside other tidbits such as Mounts and PVP.

Members of the Diablo IV development team discuss the latest content coming to Sanctuary.

The panel opens up with the same Rogue trailer above, but goes into further detail about the new class's capabilities. The class can wield bows alongside sword and daggers and can access the Specializations Combo Points, Shadow Realm, and Exploit Weakness. Barriga and Mueller then discuss the Imbue system as it pertains to the Rogue's capabilities and skills. 

The backhalf of the panel introduces Animator Careena Kingdom and Systems Designer Joe Piepiora to discuss open-world features of the game. They open with a discussion mounts and related mechanics such as mount armor and puzzles, followed by a discussion on movement and map design. They then go into areas called 'Fields of Hatred' which introduce aspects of open-world PVP to the game. The folks over at Wowhead have an excellent and detailed breakdown of everything that was shown. 

The long-speculated Diablo 2 Remaster was also announced at the same event.

Diablo IV Rogue Screenshots