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E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Media Round up - Day 1

Square-Enix has released the complete Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3 trailer, running for over 2 minutes, you can see Serah and Noel in combat. Also First look at Lightning in action with Odin fighting Chaos Bahamut.

The official site, updated today tells us more about Noel Kreiss, the character featured the most in the trailer and screenshots so far:


"A young man wielding two unique blades who appears before Serah.
Melee is this fighter's combat style of choice. His dual-wielding method demonstrates an expert technique, which includes combining his swords into one new weapon.
Although straightforward and cheerful, no one knows much about his past, or how he stumbled across Serah in her time of distress"

A new location is also introduced, New Bodhum:


"A town constructed on a shore of Gran Pulse by NORA members and former residents of Bodhum. Surrounded by nature, it seems an idyllic place to live - the occasional monster encounter excepted."

The official Japanese site is updated too, you can listen to a sample music from the game. The game is releasing this December in Japan. PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII is getting an update adding an easy mode first featured in Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International for Xbox 360 last December. There has been no word whether this update will release for the rest of the world or not yet.

Check out the the "first look podcast" for impressions of our team at E3 from their time with the playable E3 Demo.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3





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