A few more Eye of Judgement Screens

We found these hidden away in an obscure folder of a Sony Press Pack. Three more screens and a fact sheet for you to enjoy.

Click the link to go to the Media Vault to find the screens.

The rather short fact sheet confirms the card based RPG will be for up to two players, and is classified in genre differently to E3, now called a "Live Puzzle."

It also contains an overview of the game, explaining how it works.

"Utilizing EyeToy technology for PLAYSTATION3, The Eye of Judgment presents a new style of gameplay where the player brings characters/monsters of fantasy trading cards to life for battle in 3D. Through use of a 3 x 3 board and trading cards - each encrypted with "cybercode", players conquer the field by selecting a card and placing the "cybercode" in front of the EyeToy camera for their respective character to come to life and battle. Each character has various skillsets, which will determine the outcome of the battle. The Eye of Judgment presents the player with more than 30 cards, as well as unique online and offline gameplay."

We'll bring you more on The Eye of Judgement as we get it.