Afrofuturist squad management RPG We Are The Caretakers launches for Steam Early Access on April 22

Heart Shaped Games has announced that afrofuturist squad management RPG We Are The Caretakers will launch for Steam via Early Access on April 22. The game focuses on protecting endangered animals from extinction, where players can recruit over 70 characters while managing reputation, funds, animals, and alliances.

Additionally, 10% of net revenue from game sales will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network to protect rhinos in the wild. More information can be found on the official website.

A release date trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below via Heart Shaped Games.

We Are The Caretakers is an afrofuturist squad management RPG. Assemble an arcane team of protectors in squad-building systems inspired by Darkest Dungeon, Ogre Battle, and XCOM. Defend the endangered animals your world relies on in strategic turn-based combat. Define your approach to a global resistance by balancing your reputation, funds, research, animals and alliances. We Are The Caretakers is a challenging strategy RPG fusion that asks you to protect a planet by fighting for the people, animals and ecosystems that inhabit it.


  • Afrofuturist Universe: Former Activision-Blizzard artist Anthony Jones brings breathtaking afrofuturist style and human empathy to a complex sci-fi world.
  • Reputation System: Every action affects how others see the Caretakers. Do they fear you? Or will they support your quest to protect the endangered Raun, and decide the fate of the world?
  • Turn-Based Encounters: Balance force with diplomacy in an innovative turn-based combat system. Live with the consequences as you deal with the messy reality of animal conservation.
  • Squad Building: Assemble up to 9 squads of characters with diverse traits, weaknesses, abilities, and personalities. Train and upgrade your Caretakers across 20+ unique job classes.
  • Grow Your Headquarters: Meet leaders, research technologies, and recruit allies in your sci-fi HQ. Balance their conflicting demands to save our world.
  • Nuanced Narrative: In our morally-complex world, the individuals outside your squad matter as much as the rangers you deploy on each map.
  • Generate Wildlife: The challenging and procedurally generated survival mode brings never-ending ways to play.
  • You Get A Baby Raun: It will nuzzle against your bed long after it grows too large to reasonably do so. It is adorable.
We Are The Caretakers