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Square-Enix will definitely support the Wii Virtual Console

In a reccent interview, Koichi Ishii, executive producer of the Mana series and vice president of Square-Enix, reccently stated that Square-Enix will definately support the Wii Virtual Console, but have not yet decided which games will appear.

He also went on to add that a Mana game will be made for the Wii, making it clear that he also believes that the console has tremedous potential.

He also added that Children of Mana on the Nintendo DS will not utilize Nintendo's WFC service. The game will however, incluide multiplayer of a local DS-to-DS wifi connection. It was decided that playing over the Internet removes the feeling of immersion.

The fans reaction to Secret of Mana will determine whether a sequel is made. So if you like the game, let Square-Enix know you want more!

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