Trails of Cold Steel I & II will release for Switch in Japan & Asia on July 8 and August 5

Nihon Falcom and Clouded Leopard have confirmed that they will release the Nintendo Switch versions of The Legend of Heroes:  Trails of Cold Steel I -Thors Military Academy 1204- and Trails of Cold Steel II -The Erebonian Civil War- for Japan and Asia on July 8 and August 5, respectively.

These release date confirmations followed through a prior announcement in October 2020. Back then, the companies revealed that they would work together to bring the entire Trails of Cold Steel and Crossbell series—the latter having received official localization in East Asia but not in the West—to Nintendo Switch. If it went according to the initial schedule, Clouded Leopard would have already released the Asian Switch versions of Zero and Ao no Kiseki Kai.

The Switch versions of the first two Cold Steel games will be based on their respective Kai enhanced ports on the PlayStation 4. In addition to that, the development team also worked to optimize the games' performance for both docked and undocked modes.


The Asian Switch releases of Trails of Cold Steel I -Thors Military Academy 1204- and Trails of Cold Steel II -The Erebonian Civil War- will only have Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese subtitles with Japanese voiceovers. An English localization has yet to be announced for either of them. As of this writing, the only title in the series that has an English release on Switch is Trails of Cold Steel III.